· January, 2006

Stories about Jamaica from January, 2006

The Caribbean Single Market

  31 January 2006

It's rare to find Caribbean bloggers across different islands talking about the same issue at the same time, but one would have thought that yesterday's historic signing in Jamaica of the document ratifying the Caribbean Single Market (CSM), might have created a little buzz. That, however, is exactly what it...

Caribbean: The Taíno & Catholicism

  31 January 2006

Indigenous issues blog Voice of the Taino people links to an article entitled “Christianity, Capitalism, Corporations, and the Myth of Dominion”, noting that the “Roman” Catholic Church still has not properly addressed the call by the Taíno and other Indigenous Peoples world wide for the revocation of the 1493 Inter-Ceatera...

Jamaica: We're not the only homophobes

  30 January 2006

MadBull takes issue with the notion that Jamaicans are more homophobic than the citizens of other Caribbean islands, noting the uproar in Grand Cayman over the government's decision to allow passengers from an all-gay cruise ship to land in the island.

Caribbean: McWatt wins literary prizes

  30 January 2006

The Caribbean Beat Blog announces that Guyanese writer Mark McWatt has taken both the Commonwealth Writers’ Prize for best first book in the Canada/Caribbean region, and the prestigious Casa de las Americas prize for Caribbean literature in English or Creole.

Caribbean: Musical collaborations

  27 January 2006

The Dancehall Blog notes some of the collaborations happening between artists from different Caribbean islands. Among those involved in inter-island projects are Kevin Lyttle of St. Vincent and the Grenadines, Spragga Benz, Macka Diamond, Mr. Vegas and Elephant Man from Jamaica, Machel Montano and Denise Belfon from Trinidad & Tobago,...

Jamaica: Art show in Beijing

  24 January 2006

Simone Champagnie links to an article about an exhibition of Jamaican art and sculpture which opened last week at the Jamaican Embassy in Beijing, China.

Jamaica: Dog-sled team

24 January 2006

The Caribbean Beat Blog reports that Jamaica now has a national dog-sled team which competed in a meet in Scotland this past weekend.

Jamaica: Homosexuality & politics

20 January 2006

Stunner attempts to set the record straight on Jamaica's attitude toward homosexuality. “Yes homosexuality is illegal in Jamaica,” he says “and it ought to remain like that! Like me most Jamaicans believe that it is wrong, immoral and nasty!” And Scratchie offers an overview of the political scene.

Jamaica: Church hypocrisy & prime ministerial hopefuls

19 January 2006

CoolDestiny is put off by the hypocrisy shown by her former church in its refusal to handle the funeral of a woman on the grounds that she was an “informal commercial importer” (also known in Jamaica as a “higgler”). The church claimed the funeral would attract “patrons [who] would smoke,...

Jamaica: Restorative Justice

  18 January 2006

Jamaica Express announces a lecture on Restorative Justice in Jamaica taking place on Thursday 19 January at the Ames Courtroom, Harvard Law School at 7:30pm. The event is sponsored by the Berkman Center and the featured speakers are Kevin Wallen, Rubin “Hurricane” Carter, and Courtney Kazembe, who, according to the...

Jamaica: Arrests in Steve Harvey murder

18 January 2006

Andrés Duque links to a Jamaica Gleaner report which states that arrests have been made in connection with the murder of AIDS outreach worker Lenford “Steve” Harvey. Harvey was abducted from his home by gunmen and shot last November.

Jamaica: Robotics team wins

18 January 2006

Jamaican robotics instructor and pioneer Marvin Hall reports on the Jamaican robotics team's experiences at the Northern California FIRST LEGO League, where they were the recipients yesterday of a Judges’ Award. The Jamaica team was the Caribbean's sole representative at the event.

Jamaica: Calabash Literary Festival

16 January 2006

The Caribbean Beat Blog links to an article on the 2005 edition of Jamaica's Calabash Literary Festival, describing it as “a detailed and entertaining look at what sounds like the most successful Calabash yet”.

Caribbean: A blogger's book awards

  16 January 2006

For the fourth year in a row, Trinidadian Nicholas Laughlin publishes the “Nicholas Laughlin Book Awards” for Caribbean books — “i.e. books written by Caribbean authors, set in the Caribbean, or otherwise of particular Caribbean interest”. As interesting as the selections is Laughlin's analysis of his own reading patterns over...

Caribbean: Caribbeing

  13 January 2006

“In this CSME time. In this time of dancehall self-righteousness versus soca wutlessness. In this time when Trinis don't want to hear about “small islanders” reaching to the Billboard charts with soca music. In this time when Haitians still call out for our help and we still studiously ignore them....

11 key moments in [Anglo-]Caribbean blog history

  13 January 2006

THE INTERNET ARCHIVE IS preserving copies of many early blog pages, but most bloggers are too busy posting to think about otherwise documenting what they're doing. The history of the blogosphere goes back barely a decade, but evolution has been rapid, and bloggers who were around just three or four...

Trinidad/Jamaica: Creole into Chinese?

  13 January 2006

Caribbean-born sci-fi writer Nalo Hopkinson announces on her blog that two of her novels are to be translated into Chinese. “I wonder how they will deal with the creoles,” she says, “including the one that's a mashup of Trinidadian and Jamaican?”