· February, 2011

Stories about Haiti from February, 2011

Haiti: Preventable Suffering

  28 February 2011

“The earthquake did not kill people. Bad buildings killed people. Lack of medical care killed people. Lack of infrastructure killed people. Lack of caring government officials kill[s] people”: Dying in Haiti is convinced that “most Haitian suffering is not necessary and is preventable in the first place.”

Haiti: Can News Ever Be Impartial?

  23 February 2011

“We have to remember that news – that holy, sacred source of information – is biased”: Throwing Down the Water reminds us to ask a few pertinent questions – “Whose story is being told? Through which eyes? For whose benefit?” – when sifting through the news.

Jamaica, Haiti: Insensitive Treatment?

  22 February 2011

“The Haitians are clearly hurt and humiliated” over the treatment of its youth football team, writes Active Voice, some of members of which were found to be suffering from malaria.

Haiti: Elections’ Second Round

  2 February 2011

Kiskeacity reports that Twitter has been “abuzz with speculations about what will happen tomorrow when the CEP (Electoral Council) announces which of the three main candidates moves on to the second round.”

Haiti: Drive-By Shooting Reported

  1 February 2011

@KarlJeanJeune shares some distressing news on Twitter: “5 Armed men in a white Toyota Landcruiser opened fire in the Petionville Area in Rue Faubert. No known victims. #Haiti”