· August, 2010

Stories about Haiti from August, 2010

Haiti: Shifting Focus

  25 August 2010

The Haitian Blogger suggests that the mainstream media is focusing on the wrong thing: “Attention should focus less on the distraction of WyClef Jean’s failed presidential bid…and more on the desperate humanitarian situation on the ground…”

Haiti: Beauty & Controversy

  23 August 2010

As controversy swirls around Haiti's representative for the 2010 Miss Universe beauty pageant, The Haitian Blogger says: “The assassination of Miss Haiti's mother was a terrible tragedy. Unfortunately the sad event is being used by many to demonize Haiti's first real democratically elected government and the Lavalas political party.”

Haiti: Student Visas

  19 August 2010

The Caribbean Camera reports that the Haitian community is concerned about the relatively low number of Canadian student visas being granted since the January 12 earthquake, saying: “This problem comes just as Haiti needs international education as much as investment to get back on its feet.”

Haiti: Presidential Candidates

  18 August 2010

Can Wycelf run for President or not? Dessalines’ Children republishes a report which confirms that “Haiti’s electoral board [has] decided to push back to August 20 its release of a final list of presidential candidates…”

Haiti: Reparation?

  17 August 2010

As Repeating Islands takes note of the pressure on France “to repay the 17 billion euros (£14bn) ‘extorted’ from Haiti in the 19th Century”, Bahamian Nicolette Bethel comments: “Simply erasing the debt is not enough; there is also the long-term damage done to the core fabric of Haitian democratic society…”

Haiti: Education Challenges

  16 August 2010

“Following the Jan. 12 earthquake, 1,263…schools in western Haiti were destroyed; 376,000 students were out of school and an unknown number of teachers and students were dead or wounded”: HAITI, Land of Freedom takes a look at the country's education struggle.

Haiti: Wyclef's Plans

  11 August 2010

Dessalines’ Children re-posts a video in which Wyclef Jean outlines “the main issues facing Haiti…how his presidential bid was inspired by Nelson Mandela and anti-apartheid activist Steve Biko, and why his lack of political experience might work to his advantage in office.”

Haiti: Does Class have an Impact?

  9 August 2010

“The Jan. 12 earthquake reveals that the principal fault-line in Haiti is not geological but one of class”: Haitianalysis.com says “a small handful of rich families own large tracts of land in suburban Port-au-Prince which would be ideal for resettling the displaced thousands.”

Haiti: Thoughts on Wyclef

  9 August 2010

While Currents Between Shores respects Wyclef Jean's bid for the Haitian presidency, she also thinks “his passion is naive, his vision is vague and short-sighted and that just because he can run for president of Haiti, doesn't mean that he should.” Mediahacker, meanwhile, says: “Jean likened himself to Barack Obama,...

Haiti: Wyclef & the Presidency

  6 August 2010

As Wyclef Jean announces his bid for the Haitian presidency, The Haitian Blogger comments: “The man is not qualified for the office. Number one, his candidacy violates the Haitian Constitution.”

Haiti: Preparing for Hurricanes

  4 August 2010

Wadner Pierre reports that “Gonaives, the third largest city in Haiti, is rushing to prepare for an expected highly active hurricane season.”

Haiti: “President”?

  4 August 2010

“Hip-hop…is something of a pulpit…so it’s little wonder that…Haitian-American superstar Wyclef Jean, as a child of the Haitian diaspora [is] destined to return and lead his people out of bondage”: Dessalines’ Children and Repeating Islands blog about the singer's intention to run for the Haitian presidency.

Haiti: Elections Without Lavalas?

  3 August 2010

“International donors have expressed disappointment at Haiti's failure to hold inclusive elections, but have continued to fund them”: Wadner Pierre says that “Fanmi Lavalas, widely seen as the most popular political party in the country”, is being banned from participating in the upcoming elections this November.

Dominican Republic: President Fernández Visits Haiti

  2 August 2010

Dominican President Leonel Fernández was recently in Haiti where he was honored for his country's support to the neighbors. Blogger José Méndez of Monaco [es] recalls a time in 2005 when many Haitians protested Fernández’ visit and how times have changed.