· July, 2010

Stories about Haiti from July, 2010

Haiti: How to Report

  23 July 2010

For foreign journalists wondering how to write about Haiti, Mediahacker has written a “handy guide”.

Haiti: heritage mission

  23 July 2010

Repeating Islands links to information about a recent World Heritage Centre mission to Haiti, aimed at helping conserve the country’s built heritage in the aftermath of the January 2010 earthquake.

Haiti: Truth or Hoax?

  16 July 2010

“Yesterday, a french ‘official’ announced that France will finally pay Haiti back for the 90 million gold francs it forced Haitians to pay in compensation for French slave trade losses”: HaitiAnalysis.com wants to know if the promise of reparation is true or false.

Haiti: World Cup Passion

  9 July 2010

Emmanuel Midi, reporting for Inside Disaster, tells of Haiti's passion for two specific World Cup teams.

Diaspora and Development in the Francophone World

  8 July 2010

The diaspora of the developing countries worldwide is often mentioned as a potential driving factor for poverty reduction and the francophone region is no exception. Still, the suggested policies involving the diaspora are not without challenges and require more avenues for discussion between all development actors