· May, 2010

Stories about Haiti from May, 2010

Haiti: Help or Hindrance?

  14 May 2010

The Haitian Blogger asks: “Why does a country with one of the lowest crime rates in the Western Hemisphere need 9,000+ UN troops, US troops and 4.4 million dollars for prisons?”

Haiti: Tensions & Demonstrations

  13 May 2010

“Almost four months have passed since the earthquake, but the Haitian people can’t get the rubble out of sight”: For Inside Disaster, Emmanuel Midi reports on a demonstration in Haiti demanding the return on exiled President Jean Bertrand Aristide.

Haiti: Sign Online

  11 May 2010

Haitianalysis.com blogs about “an online petition to demand that U.S., international and NGO officials provide more transparency and efficiency in the distribution of millions of dollars of international aid to Haiti.”

Haiti: Preval's Term Extended

  9 May 2010

The Haitian blogosphere has been buzzing about the modification of the Haitian electoral law, which would enable President Preval to remain in power longer (should the elections not be held this November). Here are RadioKiskeya's and Haiti RectoVerso's posts [Fr] on the issue.

Haiti: For Sale?

  5 May 2010

The Haitian Blogger draws attention to “the plan [by an energy company] to ‘buy’ the island of La Gonave…yet a public disclosure of the status of any agreements is unknown outside of the principles involved.”

Barbados, Haiti: U.S. Oil Spill

  3 May 2010

Barbados Free Press and HAITI, Land of Freedom blog about the explosion of the bp oil rig which “is spewing 5000 barrels of oil a day into the already-not-pristine waters of the Caribbean.”