· March, 2010

Stories about Haiti from March, 2010

Haiti: Debt Forgiveness

  23 March 2010

Repeating Islands links to a Business Week report that confirms the Inter-American Development Bank “has agreed to forgive $479 million in debts owed by quake-ravaged Haiti”.

Haiti: The Real “Slavery”

  22 March 2010

“Exploitation of child domestics is a global problem, not a Haitian ‘slavery’ 
issue”: The Haitian Blogger republishes a piece by Ezilidanto that exposes the real “slavery” in Haiti.

Haiti: Reconstruction for Haitians or with Haitians

  21 March 2010

Haitian Alterpresse republishes a letter [Creole] from Haitian social organisations which openly criticise the Donor's Conference which took place in the Dominican Republic on March 17th. According to them, it will not lead to a long-term development project nor include the population in the reconstruction scheme. Here is the French...

Haiti: Permaculture

  8 March 2010

Repeating Islands looks at permaculture as a possible environmental solution for Haiti following the January 12 earthquake.

Haiti: More than a FAD

  6 March 2010

Emmanuel Midi blogs about “formation, animation, discovery” for children in Haiti's disadvantaged Cité Soleil and Bas Delmas communities after the January 12 earthquake.

Haiti: Short Order

  4 March 2010

Repeating Islands is pleased that “Carel Pedre, a Haitian radio host who used Twitter to inform the world about the earthquake which ravaged his country” was among users honoured at the annual Shorty Awards.

Barbados, Haiti: Being Prepared

  1 March 2010

“What is clear is the changing climatic conditions affecting the world, the Caribbean included”: On the heels of two major earthquakes in the region, Barbados Underground wonders “what can we do to mitigate the damage to property and threat to life and limb” as another hurricane season approaches.