· July, 2009

Stories about Haiti from July, 2009

Haiti: Secret Funeral

  30 July 2009

Haitian blogger Wadner Pierre reports that Kenel Pascal, “who appears to have been gunned down by UN occupation troops”, was given a secret funeral “because the priest and family were fearful of UN and Haitian government reprisals” and goes on to write another post examining the circumstances surrounding the death...

Bermuda, Haiti: Standing Up

  29 July 2009

“In the 1980s Bermudians participated in the global anti-Apartheid anti-imperialist movement”: Catch a fire thinks “it is time that our new generation continue this tradition and pick up the mantle of fighting injustices” such the ones in Haiti.

Haiti: What Happened to Pierre-Antoine?

  29 July 2009

“July 28 marks the 94th anniversary of the US occupation of Haiti…August 12th will mark the second anniversary of the disappearance of Lovinsky Pierre-Antoine”: The Haitian Blogger wonders what has happened to this leading human rights activist.

Dominican Republic: The Financial Cost of Undocumented Haitian Immigrants

  19 July 2009

Ever since the Dominican Republic declared independence from Haiti in 1844, the fates of the two have been intertwined. Since economic development in Haiti is low in comparison, approximately 1 million Haitian immigrants have made their way to the D.R. Many are worried about the increasing cost of providing services to undocumented immigrants.

Haiti: HIV Infection Rates

  7 July 2009

Both Repeating Islands and Haiti Innovation comment on a mainstream media article which claims that Haiti's HIV infection rates are down.

Haiti: Mourning Met With Violence

  3 July 2009

Repeating Islands reports that “Haitian police say the demonstrator found slain after the clash with U.N. peacekeepers during the funeral procession for Father Gérard Jean-Juste was killed by a bullet”, while a guest writer at Wadner Pierre's blog calls the situation “an example of a global security apparatus deployed to...

Haiti: Preval Party Wins Senate Seats

  2 July 2009

Repeating Islands notes that “preliminary results from last week’s run-off elections in Haiti indicate that President René Preval’s party won five of 11 contests to fill open Senate seats”, but adds that “there have been…threats from other senators to block the seating…because of the extremely low voter turnout in the...