· June, 2009

Stories about Haiti from June, 2009

Haiti: Run-off Elections

  22 June 2009

Repeating Islands says that “despite government efforts to lure voters to the polls in the Senate run-off elections held yesterday in Haiti, voters stayed away in protest against what they see as failed leadership and growing despair.”

Haiti: Fr. Jean-Juste Laid to Rest

  9 June 2009

“People were there from the USA, Canada, and all over the Caribbean – people of different religions and cultures”: Haitian blogger Wadner Pierre attends the funeral of Father Gerard Jean-Juste.

Haiti, D.R.: Tensions Erupt

  1 June 2009

“Tensions along the Haitian-Dominican border often revolve around environmental issues,” writes Repeating Islands, adding: “This was once again the scenario…as violence erupted in northwestern Dominican Republic after authorities destroyed plots planted with fruits and vegetables by Haitians on Dominican protected land.”