· February, 2009

Stories about Haiti from February, 2009

Caribbean: Economic Effects

  18 February 2009

Keith in Trinidad says that “it is troubling that we seem so oblivious to the meltdown that's occurring” in Martinique and Guadeloupe, while Living Guyana cites the many examples of regional economic discord to add weight to his question of whether “Guyana's tenuous economy will be negatively affected.”

Haiti, U.S.A.: She's My Daughter

  12 February 2009

“Does our obvious bond seem fake? How could she be anyone other than my daughter?”: Designer Mama relates an unsettling incident at the Canadian border as agents question the legitimacy of her adoption of a little girl from Haiti.

Haiti: Fanmi Lavalas and the next elections

  10 February 2009

Last weekend, the Haitian blogosphere was buzzing about the exclusion of political parties from the April 2009 Senatorial elections by the Conseil Electoral Provisoire or Temporary Electoral Council - and on Friday January 6th, the CEP published a list of the candidates for the next democratic parliamentary elections in Haiti. Bloggers share their thoughts about the rejected candidates.

Haiti: Baie d'Orange

  5 February 2009

“Living in Haiti brings me face to face with the most urgent and painful result of our environmental crisis: the death of children and the elderly in a village where environmental degradation has led to poverty and starvation”: Konbit Pou Ayiti takes a trip to Baie d’Orange.

Haiti: The Right Words

  2 February 2009

HaitiAnalysis.com wonders: “What kinds of words do the Haitian people need to hear from President René Préval during these hard times? ”