· August, 2008

Stories about Haiti from August, 2008

Haiti: Homes Being Destroyed

  28 August 2008

“Cite Soleil, a shanty town in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, is under siege by the UN occupying forces”: The Haitian Blogger publishes a statement by the Haitian Lawyers Leadership “condemning the wholesale expropriation and demotion being undertaken in Cite Soleil of 155 homes.”

Haiti: Hurricane Gustav

  27 August 2008

“Tensions are running really high right now”: Pwoje Espwa describes the conditions as Hurricane Gustav passes over Haiti.

Haiti: Future of Film

  19 August 2008

“It would be impossible to understand Haiti without knowing its music, art, and dance”: Haiti Innovation thinks that film-making should be no different and has high hopes for Haitian cinema.

Haiti, Cuba: Tropical Storm Fay

  17 August 2008

Haitian blog Pwoje Eswpa says that Tropical Storm Fay is beyond the island, but “we are drenched and the winds are still pretty strong”, while Cuban diaspora blogger Babalu is concerned about the approaching storm.

Haiti: Restavèk

  14 August 2008

“The restavèk practice essentially throws away the lives of children and along with them Haiti’s future”: jmc strategies maintains that no matter how you slice it, “the practice of ‘lending’ a child away to go and live with well-off families” is still a form of slavery.

Haiti: Olympic Potential

  13 August 2008

“f there are indeed Haitian athletes in Beijing who decide to defect, I could not blame them”: jmc strategies compares China's progress to Haiti's, asking: “Do you think a new Haiti is possible and are you prepared to do what it takes to…get it to a point where it produces...

Haiti: Lovinsky Still Missing

  12 August 2008

Today is the one-year anniversary of the disappearance of Lovinsky Pierre Antoine, one of Haiti's most respected human rights advocates. The Haitian Blogger remembers him fondly: “It's a…sad commentary that Lovinsky has not returned to his family. Lovinsky embodied Haiti. Haiti's spirit of independence, struggle, wisdom and knowledge of self.”

Michèle Pierre-Louis, Haiti's new prime minister

  9 August 2008

Bloggers discuss Michèle Pierre-Louis, Haiti's newly-confirmed prime minister and only the second woman to hold that position, and the rumors about her sexual orientation, which nearly undid her nomination.

Haiti: Child Labour

  8 August 2008

“Child slavery in Haiti may be the ultimate symbol of a state that has failed its most vulnerable members”: jmc strategies says that “key to ending child slavery in Haiti is creating long-term economic options for parents and access to quality education for children.”

Bahamas, Haiti: Migration Nation?

  8 August 2008

“The capture of hundreds of Haitians arriving by boat on the southern coast of New Providence recently focused new attention on our illegal immigration problem”: Larry Smith at Bahama Pundit maintains that “there are two key immigration issues – stabilising the size of the Haitian community, and integrating long-term Haitian...

Haiti: Black Chopin

  6 August 2008

AfriClassical profiles Ludovic Lamothe, “one of Haiti's most renowned classical composers”, whose méringue Nibo won a municipal contest in Port-au-Prince and celebrated the coming end of the U.S. Occupation in 1934.

Haiti: Pierre-Louis is New Haitian PM

  1 August 2008

Blesh Family in Haiti Web Log links to a New York Times report announcing that Michele Pierre-Louis has been confirmed as Prime Minister of Haiti – and adds: “Well we hope this will help Haiti…”