· June, 2008

Stories about Haiti from June, 2008

Haiti: Jean-Juste Charges Dropped

  19 June 2008

Blog de Port-au-Prince is happy to report that all charges against Father Gerard Jean-Juste (the Catholic priest who is a prominent supporter of Famni Lavalas, the political party of ousted Haitian president Jean Bertrand Aristide) have been dropped.

Trinidad & Tobago, Haiti: Small Shoes

  17 June 2008

Trinidad and Tobago-based artist Chris Cozier posts a photo of a child's shoes taken on his last trip to Haiti: “Something about the way that the shoes had become so worn out struck me. They looked like islands in the sea but also like the two countries that make one...

Bahamas, Haiti: Haitian Migration

  3 June 2008

Dan Schweissing posts a summary of Amnesty International‘s report on the global state of human rights, highlighting the section on the Bahamas “that deals specifically with Haitian migrants.”