· April, 2008

Stories about Haiti from April, 2008

Caribbean: Food Shortages

  30 April 2008

“If music be the food of love, play on”, wrote Shakespeare, who could not possibly have anticipated the global food crisis the world is facing today. Rising food prices are a hot topic with bloggers the world over – and the Caribbean is no different. The “music” coming out of...

Haiti: Hunger Crisis

  22 April 2008

“Thirty years ago, Haiti raised nearly all the rice it needed. What happened?” asks Blog de Port-au-Prince, as it examines the causes of Haiti's hunger riots.

Haiti, Congo, and the politics of hunger

  18 April 2008

Two francophone bloggers respond to the crisis over rising food prices, but rather than blame their proximate cause–subsidies for biofuels in rich countries–they criticize the politics and the politicians who left their countries this vulnerable to begin with. They write that the riots of these last few weeks and the riots to come, like the crisis itself, are symptomatic of deeper problems that cannot be solved by the simple magic of foreign aid.

Haiti: PM Fired in No Confidence Vote

  14 April 2008

Both Upping The Anti and Bajan Global Report blog about the Haitian parliament passing a vote of no confidence against Prime Minister Jacques-Edouard Alexis, while Dying in Haiti posts a first-hand account by Frandy in Carrefour about the past week's events.

Haiti: Thoughts from Port au Prince

  10 April 2008

“Looters and destroyers do not represent this country any more than serial killers represent the United States”: The Livesay Haiti Weblog posts some thoughts by Ruth, a resident of Port au Prince.

Haiti: The Hunger Problem

  3 April 2008

“A large amount of investment and political will is needed if the hunger problem alone is to be solved”: Wadner Pierre at HaitiAnalysis.com explains.