· June, 2007

Stories about Haiti from June, 2007

Haiti: Laid-off Teleco Haiti workers compensated

  30 June 2007

Collectif-Haiti-de-Provence writes about Haitian president Rene Preval's decision to compensate workers (Fr) who were illegally laid off from the state-owned telecom, Teleco Haiti. The government plans on privatizing Teleco, a move that will undoubtedly bring violent demonstrations from those who stand to lose out, Collectif writes, but that those who...

Haiti: Reflections on the beauty of life

  19 June 2007

Note d'Or writes about a new-found appreciation for the beauty of life after a nine day hospital stay. “As I greet each tree, each bird, each blade of grass and my square of flowers, I thank the rusty beds for being there to make me aware of these beauties that...

Haiti: Haitian Film

  12 June 2007

The Haitian Eclectic links to the trailer of a Haitian film that “follows two gang leaders who took over a slum in Haiti right before Aristide's 2004 forced exit.”

Haiti: Impressions of Haiti

  11 June 2007

“I spent a good number of hours in the country trying to come to terms that this magical western portion of Hispaniola was not living up to all the negative hype too often attached to the greater Haiti.” Adrienne Wilson posts the last in her series of articles about her...

Haiti: Protecting Journalists

  4 June 2007

“Haiti has lost a good journalist and an ever better man.” In the wake of the recent death of Haitian journalist Francois Latour, Haiti Innovation calls on the government to protect the freedom of the press.