· February, 2007

Stories about Haiti from February, 2007

Haiti: Who Was Louis-Jean Beaugé?

  27 February 2007

Haiti d'Outre-Mer shares some delightful folk anecdotes about legendary Jérémie native Louis-Jean Beaugé and his descendants. The mythic figure's name has become a Haitian Creole expression to designate people who are fierce. The blog explains that (Fr): “Louis-Jean Beaugé was an officer in the Jérémie garrison in the beginning of...

Haiti: Reinforcing Judicial Independence

  22 February 2007

At Ailleurs Vu d'Ici, Roody Edmé cites (Fr) a recent International Crisis Group report on the Haitian judicial system as “underlining the weakness of our judicial culture when it comes to judges’ ethics and responsibility” and adds: “Legislative proposals are being announced in the Haitian Parliament that seek … to...

Haiti: Don't stop the carnaval security

  22 February 2007

Alice Backer has praise for the Haitian government's efforts to encourage Haitians living abroad to return to Carnival in Haiti this year, but asks: “why can't it secure the country the same way it did during the 3 “fat”days of carnival all year long?“

Haiti: A Rising Sun Themed Carnival in Memory of Painter Tiga

  19 February 2007

The official site for Haiti's carnival explains (Fr) the Solèy Leve [Rising Sun] theme of this year's carnival: “The theme was chosen to pay homage to the Saint-Soleil Haitian artistic movement. The logo, a woman embracing the sun, is taken from a painting by Prosper Pierre-Louis, one of the artists...

Haiti: Tourism and poverty

  19 February 2007

Clubsodaandsalt is put off by an American tourist's reaction to poverty in Haiti: “Don’t get me wrong — no-one wants to think about poverty while on vacation. Still, this just struck me as callous. I mean, not thinking about the starving children over the fence at your resort doesn’t make...

Haiti, India: The Perils of Having Girls

  15 February 2007

India-based Haitian blogger NatifNatal writes (Fr): ”For certain families in rural parts of India, doom can hit in many ways: natural disasters, financial difficulty or simply the birth of a girl.” She then posts an article from the India Times to that effect.

Haiti: Carnaval preview

  14 February 2007

Karlito previews this year's carnaval celebrations in Haiti, predicting that singer Sweet Micky, “will rock Champs de Mars”. He also reports that the new web site http://www.haiticarnaval.org/ will carry a live feed and frequently updated photos for “the diaspora’s viewing pleasure.”

Haiti: Cité Soleil raids and judiciary

  14 February 2007

Jojo at Collectif Haiti de Provence reacts to a story about a recent UN raid in Cité Soleil, alleged siege of the gang leaders who have terrorized the capital with kidnappings: “We acknowledge with emotion and desolation the total blackout on the judiciary activity that should end the process begun...

Haiti: What democracy?

  8 February 2007

Ailleurs Vu D'ici reflects on democracy in Haiti (Fr): “Today, the institutional crisis in its different expressions reminds us that the rule of law is not just about more or less successful elections.”

Haiti: Political maturity

  6 February 2007

Alice Backer views Haitian — indeed, Caribbean — supporters’ throwing their support behind a single candidate in a New York City Council election as a sign that the community is approaching political maturity.

Haiti: In praise of Barbancourt

  5 February 2007

Robert Miller at Haiti Innovation sings the praises of Haiti's famous Barbancourt rum, and quotes from an article which notes the role of Barbancourt in voodoo rituals.

Haiti: What's in a Picture

  4 February 2007

Haiti Solutions posts a picture of President Preval laughing with Iranian President Ahmadinejad at what appears to be an international leaders’ official event and adds (Fr): “This picture is not good for Haitians around the world … Haiti has enough important issues to manage … Our politicians have to be...