· November, 2006

Stories about Haiti from November, 2006

Haiti: Artists to Fight Insecurity?

  30 November 2006

Karlito writes (Fr): “[We] hold the police and government responsible for not doing enough to fight insecurity. But we forget the role that artists can play in helping that fight. One organization that has caught my attention is ONE. An organization filled with international artists whose goal is to help...

Haiti: Annual Floods

  29 November 2006

JoJo from Collectif Haiti de Provence on floods in Haiti (Fr): ” It's the same every year. A part of the country flooded, victims and people made homeless by the hundreds. Recall the lot of people from the border and the catastrophe that hit the city of Gonaives [last year]...

Haiti: Studying at night in Gonaïves

  29 November 2006

From Haiti publishes a photo of students studying in front of the Hotel Heberson, which, according to blogger Baturrico (ES), “is one of the few places in Gonaïves which remain illuminated in the night, while the rest of the city is in darkness as a result of the rationing of...

Haiti: Wyclef Jean in Concert in Jacmel

  29 November 2006

Haiti-based blogger Yon Ayisyen says Haitian-American hip hop artist Wyclef Jean will be in concert in Jacmel, Haiti soon (Fr): “He will perform December 1st two days before the local and municipal elections. I wonder, will he take the opportunity to stay and vote on Sunday?”

Flooding in Haiti

  28 November 2006

JoJo at Collectif Haiti de Provence links to a Sunday AlterPresse story on the current flooding in Jean-Rabel, Haiti. The story states (Fr): “The Jean-Rabel community, a town in the northwest of Haiti, is currently facing serious difficulties after 3 days of incessant rains (November 23, 2006). Already at least...

Haiti: Impunity, President Preval and Farah Dessources

  28 November 2006

On November 15, Farah Dessources, a 20 year old first year University student was kidnapped and killed despite the payment of part of the ransom by her mother. Saturday during her funeral, a demonstration took place in Port-au-Prince, demanding that the Preval government do more to stamp out insecurity. There...

Haiti & Debt Relief: Will Government Measure Up?

  27 November 2006

Jojo at Collectif Haiti de Provence posts a Radio Kiskeya article on the World Bank and IMF conditions for permanent debt relief for the country and writes (Fr): “The conditions for permanent debt relief are clear and precise and for once seem human … Can our compatriots once in power...

Haiti: Reviving Tourism

  20 November 2006

JoJo at Collectif Haiti de Provence points to a haitian news article about Haiti's collaboration with Chilean architectural consultants in view of developing tourist resorts. The blogger's reaction to the story (Fr):”Nations living under the constant threat of violence certainly maintain a touristic tradition that is valid for the region....

Haiti: Syto Cave Podcast

  20 November 2006

French literary blog Topolivres posts (Fr) a podcast of an excerpt of Haitian poet and playwright Syto Cave's show Voisins Complices [Neighbors and Accomplices]. Voisins Complices has been performed in Haiti and Barcelona and is scheduled to go to New York in 2007.

Haiti: Do Officials Care about Insecurity?

  20 November 2006

Pointing to a Haitian news story about a schoolgirl who was recently kidnapped and shot despite her mother's delivery of $4,000 out of a $30,000 ransom, JoJo at Collectif Haiti de Provence writes (Fr): “Who will have the courage to ask public officials to describe in detail the nature of...

Jamaica: “I am HIV”

  17 November 2006

It's widely acknowledged, in the Caribbean and elsewhere, that the fear of stigma and discrimination is a major factor preventing people with HIV/AIDS from seeking treatment or from admitting their HIV status publicly. For this woman, however, photographed in the streets of Kingston, Jamaica by blogger and Flickr user Ria...

Caribbean Women's Forum

  14 November 2006

Collectif Haiti de Provence points to a Radio Kiskeya news article stating (Fr): “The 2d Caribbean Women's Forum ended the evening of November 10th in Fort-de-France, Martinique with the participation of a Haitian delegation led by Feminine Condition Minister Marie-Laurence Jocelyn Lassegue … Delegations from various Caribbean countries (Guadeloupe, Dominica,...

Haiti: New Francophonia Institute Trains Managers

  13 November 2006

Collectif Haiti de Provence points to a Haitian news article that announces (Fr) the training since about two months ago of 22 local managers by a new Francophonia Institute. The program is sponsored by the Canadian and French governments among others.

Haiti: UNDP Human Development Index

  11 November 2006

Tout Haiti Blog points to (Fr) a Haitian news article on UNDP's latest human development country rankings stating: “The group of countries with weak human development only contains two non-African countries: Yemen and Haiti.”