· May, 2006

Stories about Haiti from May, 2006

Caribbean: What blogging is for

  30 May 2006

“Blogging … challenges the elitism that pervades the Caribbean and is a great experiment in the democratization of data,” says Geoffrey Philp in a thoughtful essay on the potential role of blogging in the region. “Blogging provides the kind of freedom that is anathema to many gatekeepers who want to...

Haiti: Mother's Day

  28 May 2006

“In Haiti May 28 is a day of celebration of Haitian mothers,” says blogger (Fr) AyitiCherieConnexion. “I'd like to say: Happy Mothers’ day to all the women of Haiti, whether they are rich or poor, whether they are from the countryside, from the cities or from the mountains. After all,...

Haiti: Personal geography

  25 May 2006

After discussing geography with some of the Haitians in his community, Troy, a US missionary working in rural Haiti, concludes — in what is certainly an over-generalization — that “in the Haitian experience, geography seems to consist of Haiti, the Dominican Republic, Miami, New York, Toronto, and Boston – in...

Haiti: Among 10 Highest Producers of Mangos

  23 May 2006

“The place occupied by the Haitian mango is threatened on the international market given the demands of foreign consumers looking for a quality product,” says (Fr) Haitian newsfeed Alterpresse. “Ranked among the 10 highest worldwide producers of mangos, Haiti needs to do everything to better exploit this niche. A study...

Haitian Diaspora: Franco-Haitian Solidarity Meeting

  23 May 2006

CollectifHaitideProvence announces (Fr) they received an invitation by Collectif Haitien de France [Haitian Collective of France] to participate in a series of meetings taking place June 3 and 4. The main themes of the meetings will be humanitarian solidarity and education, development, the problems of Haitian migrants in France, and...

Haiti: New Blog CollectifHaitideProvence

  23 May 2006

CollectifHaitideProvence [Haitian Collective of Provence, France] is the name of a new French and Creole language blog launched by a Haitian organization of the same name made up of nine organizations that seem to be based in either France, Haiti or both. Their first entry posted yesterday explains (Fr &...

Caribbean: Hurricane outlook

  22 May 2006

Over at the West Indies Cricket blog, Ryan Naraine cites the NOAA’s 2006 Atlantic hurricane season outlook, which says there is “an 80% chance of an above-normal hurricane season, a 15% chance of a near-normal season, and only a 5% chance of a below-normal season.”

Caribbean: A West Indian anthem?

  22 May 2006

Kyk-Over-Al links to a column in Guyana's Stabroek News criticising the new West Indian anthem adopted recently by CARICOM (the Caribbean Community), and the Caribbean Beat blog asks its readers how Caribbean leaders should have gone about choosing an anthem. “Via a competition, soliciting entries from the region's best composers...

Haiti: Haitian Flag Remembered on May 18

  22 May 2006

On the occasion of Haitian Flag Day celebrated in both Haiti and the diaspora, AyitiCherieConnexion says (Fr) “May 18, 1803, Catherine Flon sowed the first Haitian flag … to mark the ending of colonisation. La Dessalinienne, the national anthem, was composed in 1904 with lyrics by Justin Lherisson and music...

Haiti: What Will Preval Bring?

  18 May 2006

AyitiCherieConnexion summarizes Preval's inauguration and wonders (Fr): “Ever since the election, things have settled a bit in Haiti. Kidnappings have almost disappeared. Will Preval stabilize the situation, eliminate government corruption, crime, unemployment and feelings of resentment …? Will certain countries of the international community stop dividing and conquering so that...

Caribbean: The meaning of “excellent service”

  17 May 2006

Jamaican Francis Wade at Chronicles from a Caribbean Cubicle thinks about customer service in the Caribbean. “There is not a single island I have visited in which there is a local company giving excellent service to local people.” He tries to understand why, and congratulates the Sandals resort chain for...

Haiti: Towards an Anti-Feminist Backlash?

  16 May 2006

At AlterPresse, Myriam Merlet predicts (Fr) an upcoming backlash to the thriving Haitian feminist movement. Certain anti-feminists, she says, “know how to take advantage of media (…) to spread arguments about ‘women who beat women’ and/or men.”

Haiti: Preval Signs PetroCaribe Agreement with Venezuela

  15 May 2006

Right after his inauguration yesterday, President Preval signed the PetroCaribe Agreement with Jose Vincente Rangel, Venezuela's Vice-President, reports (Fr) AlterPresse. According to the agreement, Venezuela will deliver 500 barrils of oil per day to the Haitian government who will resell to the private sector at market prices. PetroCaribe is a...

Haiti: Prison Mutiny on the Day of Preval's Inauguration

  15 May 2006

President Preval officially took office yesterday amidst much fanfare but a prisoner's mutiny that was eventually quelled left at least one person dead, reports AlterPresse. The Haitian newsfeed described (Fr) the scene as follows: “Mutiny participants on the roof of the prison screaming ‘Long Live Preval’ and ‘Freedom’, noisy demands...

Haiti: Advertising works

  12 May 2006

Living in Haiti has opened the eyes of T&T & Tribe, a family of US missionaries, to the fact that “advertising works”: “We have not felt any burning desires to go get a bunch of junk that we did not know existed prior to seeing the commercial, the billboard, or...

Haiti: Two thumbs down for Kevin Sites

  12 May 2006

Alice Backer gives reporter Kevin Sites “two thumbs down” for his Flickr photo journal of Haiti. “The photo journal does what mainstream journalists usually do when they show Haiti: show the very worst and the very worst *only*. Some would argue that the shock created by the pictures helps bring...

Haiti: CONAREPA, a New Peasant Organization

  12 May 2006

“A new coalition composed of six peasant organizations from different regions was created May 4″ says (Fr) Alterpresse. “CONAREPA's [National Coalition for Haitian Peasant Demands] objective is to look for appropriate solutions to the peasants’ main problems” and “does not embrace a particular political ideology or any political party.” Their...