· February, 2006

Stories about Haiti from February, 2006

Lone Haiti-Based Haitian Blogger on Recent Haitian Elections

  26 February 2006

Yon Ayisyen, the sole Haiti-based Haitian blogger complains (FR) that he does not have an internet connection at home. But that has not stopped him from blogging regularly if not always promptly about the recent presidential elections. Special Rules for Favored Candidate? Riots over the possibility of a runoff in...

Caribbean: Hurricane season

  21 February 2006

“My Caribbean and Florida bloggers, do you realise we are less than 16 weeks away from hurricane season”? asks Cayman Islands-based blogger Ri.

Caribbean: Food stories

  20 February 2006

Iriepeople.com publishes a recipe for Escovitch Fish, while Can Cook Must, Cook hunts for a good roti in London and reviews a new Caribbean cookbook.

Haiti: Spin Doctors, and the occupation of the Hotel Montana

  15 February 2006

Free Haiti fingers three US reporters — Carol J. Williams, Edward M. Gomez and Kathie Klarreich — who appear to be “spinning the facts” on the current situation in Haiti, and posts some dramatic photos of protesters swarming the pool at the Hotel Montana, where the members of the CEP...

Selections from the Caribbean blogosphere

  11 February 2006

This week the Caribbean saw presidential elections taking place in Haiti, violence erupting in Spanish Town, Jamaica, and Hosay observances in Trinidad. Here's the blogosphere's take on these events: Haiti: Presidential Elections February 7th’s presidential election in Haiti seemed at first to belong to René Préval. The New York Times...

Haiti: Too soon to tell

9 February 2006

The rumour mill and the international press anticipate a victory by Haitian presidential candidate René Préval, but Charlito News — a blog dedicated to news about presidential candidate Charles Henri Baker — says it's too soon to tell.

Caribbean, South Africa: Legacy and succession

  8 February 2006

South Africa-based Caribbean blogger Crossing Worlds wonders whether the struggle begun by the architects of the independence movement is safe in the hands of the current generation. “As the US Civil Rights leaders, the black power activists and the liberation leaders begin to die, it seems even more important to...

Haiti: National Anthem heals tension

8 February 2006

Baturrico relates (ES) an anecdote from the February 7 general elections in Haiti, where the tension over the long wait in one voting center is defused by the singing of La Dessalinienne, the Haitian national anthem.

Haitian Election Countdown: Two Bloggers’ views

  6 February 2006

Are Haitians Really Safer Leading Up to the Election? Haitian blogger Yon Ayisyen, a French-speaking blogger whose name means “A Haitian”, reports his impressions of the buildup to Tuesday, February 7's presidential elections from the capital city of Port-au-Prince. (Yon Aysien is one of the few Haitians blogging from Haiti.)...

Caribbean: Plantains & film

  6 February 2006

The Caribbean Beat Blog links to a NY Times article about an ingenious new plantain peeler, and reports that the 1957 film “Island in the Sun”, which was filmed in the Caribbean and stars Jamaica-born Harry Belafonte, is now available on DVD.

Caribbean: where to put “Caribbean”?

  6 February 2006

“A little while ago, I corrected someone who called me “a writer of Caribbean science fiction.” I said that it would be more accurate to call me a Caribbean writer of science fiction,” writes Nalo Hopkinson in a post which generates a long string of comments.

Haiti: Cultural life

3 February 2006

Alice Backer reminds us that “a general strike against the UN mission's perceived inaction against insecurity, the recent suicide (or is that killing?) of the head of the UN mission, and delayed elections,” hasn't put a stop to Haiti's cultural life. Last week a panel discussing a novel by writer...

Caribbean: Bloggers invited to tourism press conference

  2 February 2006

Don Dunnigton at the IAOC Blog reports that bloggers have been invited to attend a press conference hosted by the Caribbean Tourism Organization in New York, which causes the Caribbean Beat Blog to wonder whether bloggers have arrived, and also whether Caribbean governments might be persuaded to implement free municipal...