· June, 2011

Stories about Bahamas from June, 2011

Bahamas: Elections, Then & Now

  21 June 2011

Blogworld hearkens back to the country's 1977 elections to make the point “that the elections coming up have every chance of being equally memorable — not necessarily in the same way — but memorable nevertheless.”

Bahamas: On Fixing the Education System

  17 June 2011

“When a process in the market fails to provide the results people want, they scream for government intervention, yet when a government service fails, people call for more government”: Rick Lowe at Weblog Bahamas thinks that a critical part of the problem with the country's education system is “because of...

Bahamas: Transformation of Nassau

  15 June 2011

Bahama Pundit‘s Larry Smith blogs about “three interesting environmental projects..that could have a big impact on our landscapes and lifestyles – at the eastern, western and southern extremities of Nassau.”

Bahamas: The Foreign Vote

  10 June 2011

BLOGWORLD responds to an article which suggests that there are plans afoot to allow foreigners the right to vote in Bahamian Parliamentary Elections: “It’s not that I’m against the ideas of non-citizens voting in elections. But in this country, where non-citizens have more rights and privileges than Bahamians in almost...

Bahamas: Beyond Naipaul

  3 June 2011

In response to Nobel laureate V.S. Naipaul's comment to a British journalist that he considers no female writer his equal, Womanish Words writes: “We do not wish to be equal to you. We are far more ambitious than that.”

Bahamas: Which Path to Economic Success?

  2 June 2011

“Bahamians can become successful in a growing economy but to think we can get along by trading within our borders only, rather than the outside world is a pipe dream”: Rick Lowe takes issue with the phrase “The Bahamas is for Bahamians”.