· February, 2011

Stories about Bahamas from February, 2011

Bahamas: The Right to Speak Out

  28 February 2011

“I always have and always will speak up when my rights as a homeowner, a citizen and a human being are being threatened”: Womanish Words believes that her voice is the most powerful tool she has.

Bahamas: Fire on Bay Street

  15 February 2011

Weblog Bahamas‘ Rick Lowe posts photos of yesterday's tragic fire in Nassau, commenting: “What a sad loss of those beautiful old buildings.”

Bahamas: Dr. Keva Bethel Dies

  15 February 2011

Womanish Words pays tribute to the late educator Dr. Keva Bethel: “Bahamian women of my generation can be especially proud of her and grateful to her for a life and career that inspired us to reach for greatness in a man's world.”

Bahamas: Is Cuba Next?

  14 February 2011

“I would love to see a non-violent uprising for human rights…sparked by blog writers and fed and sustained till victory by the power of the internet. As we have seen it is entirely possible”: Womanish Words would like to see Cuba follow in Egypt's footsteps.

Bahamas: In Solidarity with Egyptian Women

  7 February 2011

“It always was outrageous to me that humble blog writers like me were being thrown into jail for criticizing the government. But it is proof that this thing called citizen journalism is powerful”: Womanish Words is standing with the women protesters of Egypt.