· September, 2010

Stories about Bahamas from September, 2010

Bahamas: Straw Saga

  28 September 2010

Jerome Pinder at Weblog Bahamas says that the straw vendors who have been charged in the United States for the purchase and export of knock off luxury goods “have become the symbol of a lawless society.”

Bahamas: Petition Power

  17 September 2010

“It is good to be reminded that the environmental movement in my country is on the watch and bringing pressure to bear when this kind of threat is looming”: Womanish Words is signing a petition against the establishment of a shark fishery.

Bahamas: Cemetery Solution?

  9 September 2010

Jerome Pinder at Weblog Bahamas proposes a solution to the decaying state of the country's cemeteries: “I would suggest that we put…prisoners on Chain Gangs and have them keep our Cemeteries clean. And while they are at it, they could clean our streets, parks, playgrounds, and give Bay Street a...

Bahamas: Earl's Path

  1 September 2010

“I am living in the post-Haiti earthquake era, no longer completely confident that the really terrible natural disasters always happen somewhere else”: Womanish Words had forgotten about hurricanes, and then along came Earl.