· July, 2010

Stories about Bahamas from July, 2010

Bahamas: Race & History

  26 July 2010

“If…young Bahamians imagine that they can take their twenty-first century notions of black and white and translate them into what they may one day read about the history of this nation, they will never fully understand their country and its rich and difficult past”: Nicolette Bethel explains the significance of...

Bahamas: Forward poet

  22 July 2010

Geoffrey Philp shares the news that Bahamian poet Christian Campbell has been shortlisted for a Forward Prize, and the Caribbean Review of Books blog links to one of Campbell’s poems.

Bahamas: on “race”

  22 July 2010

“Please. Don’t call me white.” Nicolette Bethel writes about the intricacies of race, history and politics in the Bahamas. “The ‘race’ that has historical significance and the ‘race’ that we appear to practice today are two very different animals.”

Bahamas: Local Justice

As the Barefoot Bandit is extradited back to the U.S., Jerome Pinder says: “We have shown that the Bahamas can rise to the occasion and ensure swift action…Now what about the Government's understanding and respect for the Bahamian people?”

Bahamas: national pride

  6 July 2010

Nicolette Bethel reports on the recent popularity of Bahamas National Pride Day: “a step or two towards understanding ourselves and our country, the fact that we the people made the choice to celebrate our nationality and took matters into our own hands.”