· April, 2010

Stories about Bahamas from April, 2010

Haiti: Controversial Statistics

  14 April 2010

The Haitian Blogger contends that, contrary to some mainstream media messages, “Haiti does NOT have the ‘worst HIV infection rate in the region’.”

Bahamas: How's the Weather?

  14 April 2010

“The nonsense that has paraded as commentary since the tornado tragedy in Freeport two weeks ago has taken political pantomime to new levels”: Bahama Pundit‘s Larry Smith blogs about weather and politics.

Bahamas: Building Art

  1 April 2010

“The artists will convert 15 buildings on the current eyesore list into splashes of color depicting Bahamian themes”: Repeating Islands reports that the Bahamas will be transforming “more than a dozen historic and prominent downtown buildings into vibrant works of art.”