· November, 2009

Stories about Bahamas from November, 2009

Bahamas: Enough Already

  25 November 2009

Bahama Pundit‘s Larry Smith is “sick and tired of all those forwarded emails peddling scams, lies and hate propaganda.”

Jamaica, Bahamas, U.S.A.: Copyright Options

  24 November 2009

In response to Jamaican blogger Geoffrey Philp‘s “cautionary tale on the dangers of unregistered creative property”, the Bahamas’ Scavella's Blogsphere says: “This is all very well and good, but I’m not American. I don’t live in the USA. What substitute is there for me?”

Bahamas: “F” on Crime

  21 November 2009

“Clearly the Government has no plan to address crime, there has been no improvement in the Judicial System, and…it appears that the Government will not move forward with Capital Punishment”: Weblog Bahamas‘ Jerome Pinder gives the government a failing grade on crime.

Bahamas: Sister's Keeper

  12 November 2009

“We women survivors of violence of all kinds must break this collective silence…and we women who enjoy relative freedom and safety must extend our hands and voices to our sisters who do not, because we are not free until all are free”: The Bahamas’ Womanish Words calls on women to...

Bahamas, Cuba: Fair Trade?

  11 November 2009

Rick Lowe issues a few words of warning to the Bahamas Chamber of Commerce when it comes to doing business with Cuba: “The Chamber stands for ethics in business and I believe they are on shaky ground recommending we do business with a regime in Cuba that apparently does not...