· October, 2009

Stories about Bahamas from October, 2009

Bahamas: Effects of Colonialism

  27 October 2009

“There’s an affliction that strikes countries whose histories come out of colonialism. It’s the sense that what happens in your space of the world…is not quite real. It isn’t really happening to proper people”: Nicolette Bethel explores one of the effects of the Bahamas’ colonial past, while Weblog Bahamas‘ Rick...

Bahamas: Ferguson Dies

  22 October 2009

Repeating Islands acknowledges the passing of “Bahamian self-taught international artist Amos Ferguson”, who passed away “after a long battle with dementia.”

Bahamas: Fed Up With Crime

  17 October 2009

“This country needs to be done with pandering to the criminals and give them their due so that the rest of us who want to live in a civil society can get on with it”: When it comes to crime, Sidney Sweeting at Weblog Bahamas says “enough is enough”.

Bahamas: Crimes Against Tourists

  15 October 2009

Tourists are held at gunpoint, prompting Rick Lowe at Weblog Bahamas to ask: “What will the ramifications be to our tourist industry? How do we get this under control? Only time will tell, and obviously we only have ourselves to blame, but what have we become?”

Bahamas: Helping the Homeless

  14 October 2009

Bahama Pundit‘s Larry Smith takes a look at the problem of homelessness in New Providence: “Resettlement support alone will not be enough to help these people back into mainstream society.”

Bahamas: On Borrowed Time?

  7 October 2009

Rick Lowe at Weblog Bahamas hopes he “misread the news article recently that quoted the Prime Minister…as saying his government was having to borrow $150 million a month to keep paying the country's bills.”