· August, 2009

Stories about Bahamas from August, 2009

Bahamas: Living Off Art

  31 August 2009

Nicolette Bethel continues to follow Ward Minnis‘ posts on the viability of making a living off of art in the Bahamas, commenting: “In order for this viability really to exist, though, the society as a whole has to buy into the idea of supporting Bahamian culture with more than their...

Bahamas: Economic Priorities?

  28 August 2009

“Rumour has it that cash flow is hard to come by for the government…yet the country opens a consulate office in Atlanta, Georgia”: Rick Lowe at Weblog Bahamas wonders what on earth the government could be thinking.

Bahamas, Jamaica: Thoughts on the IMF

  27 August 2009

Rick Lowe at Weblog Bahamas takes issue with an article in a Jamaican newspaper which laments the fact that the country “now has to pay the piper (IMF)”, saying: “Of course I am no fan of the IMF, but to suggest that a country ignore its debt is simply irresponsible…it...

Bahamas: A Woman's World

  26 August 2009

“When women of the Caribbean and the Americas are truly equal, stay at home mothering will be a paying job”: From the Bahamas, Womanish Words is celebrating Women's Equality Day “by imagining a better world for women, and for mothers and their children especially.”

Bahamas, Haiti: On Film

  24 August 2009

Nicolette Bethel blogs about the local film industry in response to Ward Minnis’ series of blog posts on the viability of Bahamian art, while Repeating Islands highlights the recently concluded Haitian Film Festival.

Bahamas: Accounting for Crime

  20 August 2009

Rick Lowe at Weblog Bahamas is stunned by the country's most recent crime statistics, saying: “Unless we begin to hold ourselves publicly accountable, how do expect to begin the slow and painful process of fighting the demons among us?”

Bahamas: Young Mother Killed

  12 August 2009

As a young mother is murdered in the Bahamas, bloggers vent their outrage – Weblog Bahamas: “Stop the madness that is destroying our country”; Womanish Words: “Where is the public outcry? Where is the conscious, active women's movement in the Bahamas, and in the Caribbean for that matter?”

Bahamas: Making Marital Rape a Crime

  10 August 2009

Weblog Bahamas‘ Sidney Sweeting and Womanish Words throw their support behind a proposed amendment to the Sexual Offences and Domestic Violence Act that would outlaw marital rape in the Bahamas.

Bahamas: The Public's Right To Know

  5 August 2009

“The debate over the port relocation, the harbour dredging and the future of Saunders Beach gradually ratcheted into a controversy and has now turned into a raucous political brawl,” writes Bahama Pundit‘s Larry Smith, who insists that “the people are entitled to information about what our government is doing or...

Bahamas: Thinking About Democracy

  4 August 2009

Attending a recent seminar on democracy and globalization makes Bahamian blogger Nicolette Bethel realize that “it’s time we gave some thought to what that means for us — and by ‘us’ I mean those of us in the Caribbean, where we by and large have slaked ourselves in the democratic...