· March, 2009

Stories about Bahamas from March, 2009

Bahamas: Society of Fear?

  20 March 2009

Sidney Sweeting wonders what kind of society the Bahamas has become when “unifomed goons can force their way into our homes at night, terrorize us (or worse) and just leave without an explanation.”

Barbados: Tourism's Future

  20 March 2009

“A real need exists for tourism to have a clearer image and for it to be a beacon that pulls many parts of the economy along”: Living in Barbados wonders about the future of the island's tourism offering.

Bahamas: To the Mothers…

  18 March 2009

Bahamian blogger Womanish Words missed International Women's Day and pays a late but meaningful tribute to the mothers of the world “who are most at risk globally, because of poverty, war and victimization”.

Guyana, Bahamas: CLICO Records

  5 March 2009

Signifyin’ Guyana says of the CLICO situation: “I see the possibility for the Govt. of Guyana to ease out of the promise to cover all.”