· December, 2008

Stories about Bahamas from December, 2008

Bahamas: Students & Drugs

  29 December 2008

“In the Bahamas, the average age for male and female students who peddle and smoke weed/drugs is age 13 and 14, respectively”: Adrian Gibson at Weblog Bahamas says that “the illicit drug plague has ripped our social fabric and will unremittingly haunt the history of our island chain for many...

Bahamas: Cuba & the USA

  23 December 2008

“A constellation of events will shape the pace of the rapprochement between our geographically closest neighbours”: Simon at Bahama Pundit blogs about relations between Cuba and the US.

Bahamas: Silver Lining

  19 December 2008

“Our lazy stream, meandering through the softest rock, is now faced with turbulence, restriction and stagnation that have caught most completely unawares”: Christopher Lowe at Weblog Bahamas says that the silver lining of the global financial crisis – at least for Bahamians – is that “we are being forced to...

Bahamas: Debate Over Death Penalty

  17 December 2008

Doing Theology from the Caribbean republishes a letter from the family of a murder victim arguing “that killing murderers is not the solution to murder”, despite recent protests to resume the death penalty in the Bahamas.

Bahamas: Death of an Icon

  10 December 2008

“Mr. Farrington was one of the most brilliant men I have ever met. He was often in another world, but when he was in ours his intellect was staggering”: Nicolette Bethel acknowledges the passing of a Bahamian “cultural giant”.

Bahamas: medical accountability

  4 December 2008

At Bahama Pundit , Larry Smith outlines the labyrinthine twists and turns in a "landmark" case of medical accountability currently before the Bahamas Medical Council — "more than six years after the 42-year-old man who started it all died."