· September, 2008

Stories about Bahamas from September, 2008

Bahamas: Culture of Agriculture

  29 September 2008

“There’s a myth, see, in the world, see, that says that technology is hierarchically stacked and that agriculture is better than horticulture which is better than foraging and fishing…and in this world, it’s true that agriculture failed in The Bahamas. But what nobody tells you is why it failed.”: Nicolette...

Bahamas, Guyana: Fringe Benefits

  15 September 2008

Bahamian blogger The Gaulin Wife reflects on her experience at the recently-concluded Carifesta: “Perhaps being left out of officially sanctioned spaces is sometimes the critical jolt that remembers us to ourselves – reminds us that no government, and no festival can create art or artists, we create and define ourselves.”

Bahamas, Guyana: Carifesta Comes to a Close

  1 September 2008

“There's the mastery of the activities in the Grand Market…the hospitality of the ordinary Guyanese, the incomprehensibility of the closing ceremony preparations, the ending of the Fineman reign of terror…and there’s the serious discussion of what we need to do, and how, if we want this festival to move forward”:...