· August, 2008

Stories about Bahamas from August, 2008

Bahamas, Guyana: Walcott's Warning

  25 August 2008

At the opening of the Carifesta Symposia in Guyana, Nobel Laureate Derek Walcott warned that regional governments are killing their artists – making Bahamian blogger Nicolette Bethel even more convinced that her decision to resign her post as Director of Culture for the Bahamas Government is the right one.

Bahamas, Cuba: Inconvenient Truths?

  22 August 2008

“The Bahamas standard of living reflects the effect of free trade and a relatively limited government. Citizens here are still far better off than in many countries in the region and the world. However, every now and then The Bahama Journal editorialises about the virtues of Cuba. And frankly this...

Bahamas, Guyana: Host Nation

  21 August 2008

“It’s a very frustrating job, hosting this event…and at the same time dealing with Caribbean governments, all of which appear to operate in a similar inefficient fashion”: Bahamian blogger Nicolette Bethel files a Carifesta update from Georgetown, Guyana.

Bahamas, Guyana: Regional Travel

  19 August 2008

After traveling for an astounding 14 hours to get to Guyana for the Carifesta celebrations, Bahamian blogger Nicolette Bethel says: “The biggest barrier to Caribbean integration is the difficulty of moving around in the region.”

Bahamas, Guyana: Carifesta Buzz

  15 August 2008

In the midst of criticisms about the host country not being prepared for Carifesta, Bahamian blogger Nicolette Bethel says: “Guyana stepped in when we in The Bahamas relinquished our commitment to host, and, despite having had only one year to plan the festival in, took the plunge anyway.” She adds:...

Bahamas: Domestic Violence

  8 August 2008

“According to the radio news the death of my friend Bloneva Bethel was the ‘result of a domestic dispute’. Why was it not ‘€œan unnecessary death due to the failure of the Police to respond to a serious call for help in a timely manner?'” Weblog Bahamas draws attention to...

Bahamas, Haiti: Migration Nation?

  8 August 2008

“The capture of hundreds of Haitians arriving by boat on the southern coast of New Providence recently focused new attention on our illegal immigration problem”: Larry Smith at Bahama Pundit maintains that “there are two key immigration issues – stabilising the size of the Haitian community, and integrating long-term Haitian...

Bahamas: Quality Teachers

  5 August 2008

“Economic growth closely depends on the interaction between new knowledge and a country’s ability to learn”: Guest blogging at Bahama Pundit, Ralph Massy stresses the importance of attracting quality teachers in order to improve education standards.