· June, 2008

Stories about Bahamas from June, 2008

Bahamas: Words of Advice

  23 June 2008

WeblogBahamas thinks the late Tim Russert's advice to his college-bound son should be adopted by Bahamians, especially the part about not cultivating a sense of entitlement.

Bahamas: Crime on the Agenda

  19 June 2008

Rick Lowe of Weblog Bahamas continues his analysis of the crime problem and the failure of the judicial system. “The law”, he says, “needs to be allowed to take its course, free of political influence, plain and simple.”

Bahamas: Unfair Reporting

  19 June 2008

“I smell the stink of patriarchal collusion”: Bahamian blogger Womanish Words takes issue with the mainstream media's reporting of a brothel raid.

Bahamas, Venezuela: PetroCaribe

  18 June 2008

Rick Lowe at Weblog Bahamas cannot believe that the question of the Bahamas joining PetroCaribe appears to be on the table once again, adding that the move “would drastically and quickly increase the national debt of The Bahamas. Something we can ill afford in these very trying economic times.”

Bahamas: Microwaveable Minds

  16 June 2008

Blogger Nicolette Bethel is “operating in a state of low-grade anger”: “The thing that makes me angriest these days is the fundamental disrespect that we offer ourselves as Bahamians…the conviction that far too many of our leaders seem to have that we are really second-rate people.”

Bahamas: Somewhere Over The Rainbow

  12 June 2008

“The conversation about the rights of gays and lesbians in this country is stuck in a Christian fundamentalist scriptural war that cannot see gays and lesbians, bisexuals or transgender people as integral to the wide spectrum of human existence”: The Gaulin Wife writes a stirring tribute to slain AIDS activist...

Bahamas: Scales of Justice

  11 June 2008

Larry Smith at Bahama Pundit reports on a former police prosecutor's statements that the Bahamian criminal justice system is “on the brink of collapse”.

Bahamas: Policing Poetry

  10 June 2008

Helen Klonaris at new Bahamian blog The Gaulin Wife is concerned that “two young poets are being investigated by the police because of the alleged sexual content of their poetry”, saying: “If the police are investigating poets and poetry, it is because they can: we as a society have agreed...

Bahamas: Thinking About Trees

  6 June 2008

“What is it about us and trees? It would appear that beauty — and oxygen and serenity and shade — are not a premium in our city any more”: Nicolette Bethel beseeches her fellow Bahamians to think about living in an environmentally responsible way.

Bahamas: Women's Rights

  5 June 2008

Amnesty International‘s 2008 report reminds Bahamian blogger Lynn Sweeting “that women’s rights are human rights and that human rights are in peril the world over.”

Bahamas: Hope Sells

  4 June 2008

“Apparently, hope is a marketable service and bankable commodity”: Simon at Bahama Pundit blogs about the business of selling hope, saying: “Like food and energy prices, the cost of hope continues to escalate.”

Bahamas, Haiti: Haitian Migration

  3 June 2008

Dan Schweissing posts a summary of Amnesty International‘s report on the global state of human rights, highlighting the section on the Bahamas “that deals specifically with Haitian migrants.”