· April, 2008

Stories about Bahamas from April, 2008

Bahamas: Abuse of Power

  30 April 2008

In the Bahamas, Womanish Words blogs about an environmental fundraiser gone awry: “The Royal Bahamian Police Force needs to know that we the new and awakened public doesn’t sit by silently anymore when bad cops are allowed to run rampant, to violate our human rights in raids like this one.”

Barbados: False Pride?

  30 April 2008

“Tourism has become the life blood of most of the Caribbean countries and it needs to be re-energized”: Living in Barbados wonders whether the region can be proud of its tourism offering.

Caribbean: Food Shortages

  30 April 2008

“If music be the food of love, play on”, wrote Shakespeare, who could not possibly have anticipated the global food crisis the world is facing today. Rising food prices are a hot topic with bloggers the world over – and the Caribbean is no different. The “music” coming out of...

Bahamas: Educational Responsibility

  29 April 2008

“Remember, everyone we can save is one less who will have an opportunity to participate in crime”: Craig Butler at Bahama Pundit says that education is a collective responsibility.

Bahamas: Waste Disposal

  24 April 2008

“The biggest problem with garbage is that it never really goes away,” writes Larry Smith at Bahama Pundit, as he blogs about possible solutions to the Bahamas’ waste disposal woes.

Bahamas: Tax Write-Off?

  21 April 2008

Sidney Sweeting at WeblogBahamas.com was shocked that “the ex-Minister of State for Finance said that Government should write off the almost $410 million (that figure is not a misprint) owed to the Government for Real Property Tax.”

Bahamas: Code of Ethics

  17 April 2008

“It has long been a desire of mine to see Parliament pass legislation committing a Code of Ethics for Parliamentarians…”: Rick Lowe at WeblogBahamas.com explains.

Bahamas: Outrage

  15 April 2008

The Bahamian woman “who was seized from the house she was living in by uniformed policemen who would not allow her to put on any clothes and who was detained in the public area of a Nassau police station for many hours in that state before being allowed to cover...

Bahamas: Collective Responsibility

  15 April 2008

“We have real problems in the Bahamas. For us to play like we don’t see our own flesh and blood out there hurting is just turning a blind eye to what is happening and we shall all experience the results later on”: Craig Butler believes that Bahamians must take responsibility...

Bahamas: For Shame?

  14 April 2008

“Have we in the Bahamas become so insensitive and so lacking in shame that there is not a public outcry about this prescription for socio-economic disaster?” Sidney Sweeting at WeblogBahamas.com blogs about teenage pregnancy.

Bahamas: Economic Implications

  8 April 2008

“There seems to be considerable fear among the local intelligentsia…that signing on to the European Partnership Agreement (EPA) is the thin end of the wedge that will ultimately force us to sign on to the Caribbean Single Market and Economy (CSME).” Rick Lowe at WeblogBahamas.com takes a closer look.

Bahamas: Renewable Energy

  2 April 2008

The fact that The Bahamas Electricity Corporation will be inviting proposals for renewable energy power purchase agreements in several candidate technologies marks “a dramatic policy shift”, according to Bahama Pundit‘s Larry Smith.