· March, 2008

Stories about Bahamas from March, 2008

Bahamas: Hot Hot Hot!

  26 March 2008

“Are Ya Feeling Hot, Hot, Hot?” asks Larry Smith at Bahama Pundit, as he blogs about the impact of climate change on Caribbean tourism.

Barbados: Riding the Waves?

  20 March 2008

Blogging from Barbados, Notes From The Margin reports that Eastern Caribbean territories are bracing for large waves as a result of “a deep low pressure centre that spawned tornadoes and thunderstorms across the US earlier this week.”

Bahamas: Globalisation

  12 March 2008

“Globalisation – it means more cross-border travel, trade, information and investment than ever before. But what does it mean for the average Bahamian?”: Larry Smith at Bahama Pundit finds out.

Barbados, Venezuela: Petro Caribe

  10 March 2008

“We have often asked the question on this blog, ‘What is it that Chavez gets out of Petro Caribe?'”, writes Barbadian blogger Notes From The Margin: “Thankfully it seems that other people are asking the same question.”

Bahamas: Global Warming Compensation?

  7 March 2008

WeblogBahamas.com refers to a column by former diplomat Sir Ronald Sanders, which “advocates that the Caribbean countries should introduce compensation for the damage being done to the region by the emissions from industrialised countries into trading agreements.”

Bahamas, Barbados: Bookkeeping Blunders?

  5 March 2008

Rick Lowe, blogging at WeblogBahamas.com, refers to a Barbados Free Press post to raise the question of whether or not the government is being deceitful with the country's finances.