· January, 2008

Stories about Bahamas from January, 2008

Bahamas: Moving On…

  28 January 2008

Rick Lowe at WeblogBahamas.com is fed-up of the two political parties’ bickering about the election results: “It is time for the rhetoric to stop on both sides of the political divide so the country can move forward.”

Bahamas: Freedom of Information

  26 January 2008

As the Bahamian Prime Minister makes his report to the nation, Rick Lowe at WeblogBahamas.com admits to “feeling like someone was now in charge of The Bahamas”, but adds: “If there was one disappointment for me it is that Mr. Ingraham did not mention when a Freedom of Information Act...

Bahamas: Prosperity Theology

  25 January 2008

Dan Schweissing blogs about prosperity theology in the Bahamas: “Telling someone that they are poor…because they don't have enough faith in God is the religious equivalent of telling a single mother with three kids and a full-time minimum wage job that she is poor because she's lazy and doesn't work...

Bahamas: Fixing Crime

  24 January 2008

“With all the shock-horror at our skyrocketing crime rate, you would never believe that the causes and progress of the country's social breakdown have been fully documented over the past 20-odd years”: Larry Smith at Bahama Pundit recommends a “back to your roots” approach to deal with crime.

Bahamas, Cuba: Double Speak

  23 January 2008

“Such obvious double speak is trite in the 21st Century. And to state that in a country that is of the ‘western liberal ilk’ is quite presumtuous”: Rick Lowe at WeblogBahamas.com is unimpressed with the Cuban Ambassador's statement about the island's recently held elections.

Bahamas, Bermuda: Law Enforcement

  22 January 2008

“If they can minimize these minor crimes that would be a good start”: Sidney Sweeting at WeblogBahamas.com attends the induction ceremony of the Bahamas’ new Police Commissioner.

Bahamas: Serving Justice

  21 January 2008

An episode of Law and Order causes Nicolette Bethel to reflect on justice in the Bahamas, particularly in the recent case of the Sea Hauler tragedy.

Jamaica, Bahamas: Fact and Fiction

  17 January 2008

“I never thought I'd be a non-fiction writer. I grew up reading the fantastic. As I grew older, though, I came to realize that fiction is shaped by fact”: Geoffrey Philp features Bahamian writer Nicolette Bethel in her own words.

Bahamas: Tipping Point

  17 January 2008

Larry Smith at Bahama Pundit is convinced the Bahamas has reached a tipping point: “If we are not very careful, we stand to lose not only our quality of life but our very existence as a functioning society.”

Bahamas: Policeman Gunned Down

  14 January 2008

As a policeman is killed in the line of duty, Adrian Gibson at WeblogBahamas.com says: “The fear of crime has left many citizens practically incarcerated in their own homes. The peacefulness and harmony that once depicted the Bahamas is now lost to the ages.”

Bahamas: Tourism & Crime

  9 January 2008

“The government, and Bahamians at large, must recognise that tourism is a multi-dimensional phenomenon that calls for much more than a handful of sand, a tan and a dip in the sea”: At WeblogBahamas.com, Adrian Gibson blogs about tourism – and crime.

Bahamas, Haiti: Cultural Traditions

  2 January 2008

Dan Schweissing mixes traditional New Year's festivities with Caribbean cultural traditions, “making for a truly cross-cultural celebration.”

Bahamas: Annus Horriblis

  1 January 2008

Craig Butler, blogging at Bahama Pundit, recalls the highs and lows of 2007 – both in his personal life and in the life of the world around him.