· December, 2007

Stories about Bahamas from December, 2007

Barbados: Homophobia

  31 December 2007

“In the Caribbean we are confused and hypocritical in our attitudes toward sex in general”: Living in Barbados blogs about the region's lack of tolerance for homosexuality.

Bahamas: Theatre and Democracy

  27 December 2007

Nicolette Bethel agrees with artistic director Oskar Eustis that “The same emotion that is required for theatre to work is the emotion that is required for democracy to work — the idea we need to care about each other’s experience.”

Bahamas, Barbados, Jamaica: Caribbean Christmas

  24 December 2007

“Not only do we enjoy warm weather when most of the rest of the world is cold, but we also have a way of making the season festive”: Living in Barbados offers a glimpse of Christmas in the Caribbean.

Bahamas: Hail to the Chief?

  19 December 2007

Larry Smith at Bahama Pundit agrees that The Bahamas 2007 Special Report, a book published with public funds in order to help attract foreign investment, is really a “hail to the chief book.”

Caribbean: A More Violent World?

  17 December 2007

Are we living in a more violent world? Some say we are; others believe that violence is simply more widely reported. Earlier this year, the World Bank suggested that the Caribbean (as a region) may have the highest murder rate in the world - and it is having a serious effect on economic growth. More and more, Caribbean bloggers are discussing the issue - and their concerns transcend territorial boundaries, economic realities and regional politics...

Bahamas: The Point of the Press

  14 December 2007

After a merger of two major media houses in the Bahamas, Nicolette Bethel says “we appear to live in a country where freedom of the press may be a moot point. The fact is that whether the press is free or not, it appears uninclined (or unable) to carry out...

Bahamas: Junkanoo Controversy

  13 December 2007

If art is made and no one sees it, does it really exist? Larry Smith at Bahama Pundit blogs about what the calls the “absurd controversy over the recent attempt to charge the press a fee to cover Junkanoo.”

Bahamas: Police Work

  11 December 2007

“With the rate of crime being what it is, we the people are looking to the police for answers”: Craig Butler at Bahama Pundit questions the effectiveness of the island's police force.

Bahamas: Town Planning

  10 December 2007

Sidney Sweeting, writing at WeblogBahamas.com, thinks that urban planning in the Bahamas is practically non-existent, calling it “the bumper to bumper mess that is downtown”.

Bahamas: Religion and Violence

  8 December 2007

The current crime wave in the Bahamas has many people citing a need “to turn to God” – Nicolette Bethel refers to studies which suggest that “the higher the religiosity of any society, the more violent that society is.”