· November, 2007

Stories about Bahamas from November, 2007

Bahamas: Renewable Energy

  29 November 2007

“Since we rely heavily on tourism, we are especially vulnerable to the negative consequences of petroleum use”: Larry Smith at Bahama Pundit thinks that the island has the potential to set the renewable energy pace for the rest of the region.

Bahamas: RIP Dr. Mac

  17 November 2007

“We’re grieving because of the kind of man we’ve lost. And we’re grieving because his was a violent death”: Nicolette Bethel mourns the loss of Thaddeus Macdonald, Dean of the Faculty of Social and Educational Studies at the College of The Bahamas.

Bahamas: Future Shock?

  15 November 2007

Bahama Pundit‘s Larry Smith refers to the work of Alvin Toffler and Dr. James Canton to underscore the importance of the Bahamas being prepared for the inevitable challenges of the future.

Bahamas: Abortion Debate

  8 November 2007

“In Bahamian society, whether legal or not, abortions will happen”: Adrian Gibson at WeblogBahamas.com shares his views on a woman's right to choose.

Bahamas: Murder Toll

  6 November 2007

As the Bahamas’ murder count rises to “a staggering 58″, WeblogBahamas.com blogs about the most recent victim and appeals to parents in Nassau to stop “catering to indiscipline and cloaking their uncontrollable children”.