· October, 2007

Stories about Bahamas from October, 2007

Bahamas: The Answer to Crime?

  26 October 2007

Callers to a radio programme in the Bahamas think that enforcement of the death penalty would act as a deterrent to crime. Rick Lowe at WeblogBahamas.com begs to differ.

Bahamas: Facing the Issues

  19 October 2007

“Quite clearly we are a nation of morons I think,” writes WeblogBahamas.com guest author Bruce Raine, as he details the issues he believes the country should actually be focusing on.

Bahamas: Engaging the Americans

  17 October 2007

“Engaging the Americans, our most important trading partner and neighbour is a good thing,” writes Rick Lowe at WeblogBahamas.com, on learning that the island's Prime Minister will address The Caribbean-Central American Action organisation at their Miami Conference on the Caribbean Basin in December.

Bahamas: Political Gamesmanship

  16 October 2007

“I want a Bahamas that I can be proud of, but at the present time I can’t say that this is the case”: Craig Butler at Bahama Pundit thinks the behaviour of the island's two major political parties is counter-productive.

Bahamas: Death of the neighbourhood

  6 October 2007

“The neighbourhood — that locale which is a citizen's larger home … is dying in Nassau,” writes Nicolette Bethel at Bahama Pundit, as she urges a rethinking of urban planning policy in the Bahamas.

Bahamas: More homeless people?

  2 October 2007

“There seems to have been an increase lately of people aimlessly wondering the streets,” writes Craig Butler at Bahama Pundit, as he contemplates the growing number of homeless people in the Bahamas.