· August, 2007

Stories about Bahamas from August, 2007

Bahamas: The Power of Print

  31 August 2007

“There's an email making the rounds entitled ‘Blacks Don't Read’. Being Black, I read it”: Nicolette Bethel, guest authoring at Bahama Pundit, blogs about the power of print.

Bahamas: End of the Monopoly?

  31 August 2007

Rick Lowe at WeblogBahamas.com thinks that a Supreme Court action questioning the constitutionality of the Bahamas Telecommunications Company’s monopoly on the industry could be “great news” for consumers.

Bahamas: Art & Culture

  27 August 2007

A blog post by Reginald Shepherd underscores Bahamian Nicolette Bethel‘s point that art and culture “should be a fundamental part of any social agenda”.

Bahamas: Government Responsibility?

  23 August 2007

Sidney Sweeting, writing at WeblogBahamas.com, thinks Bahamians need to understand “where their own responsibilities end and the Government's responsibility begins or vice versa.”

Bahamas, Haiti: Illegal Immmigration

  21 August 2007

Rick Lowe, writing at WeblogBahamas.com, features an article by the late Dr. Julian Simon to make a point about what should be done regarding the Bahamas’ illegal immigration issue.

Bahamas: The Value of Culture

  21 August 2007

An international take on a Bahamian song leads Nicolette Bethel to muse about “the general dismissal of culture in general (and, by extension, of our culture in particular)”, stating; “most of us…are missing the point when it comes to cultural discussions.”

Bahamas: Anger Management?

  15 August 2007

Rick Lowe at WeblogBahamas.com wonders “if the anger being exhibited in…general problem solving is not somehow related to the failure of our educational system?”

Bahamas: Immigration Policy

  14 August 2007

Craig Butler, writing at Bahama Pundit, thinks that the Bahamas’ immigration policies towards the children of illegal immigrants “seem geared more towards dehumanization rather than inclusion.”

Bahamas: “Mother” Pratt

  12 August 2007

Guest authoring at WeblogBahamas.com, Oswald Brown tells the inspiring story of Cynthia “Mother” Pratt, adding: “the final chapter has not yet been written.”

Bahamas: Don't Patronize Me

  10 August 2007

“In our society, what still matters is not what you know but who. Ours is a society that functions uncomfortably like the Mafia.” Nicolette Bethel, guest authoring at Bahama Pundit, explores the concept of patronage.

Bahamas: Energy Policy

  3 August 2007

“So in the absence of an official Bahamian policy, what can WE do to promote energy security?” Larry Smith at Bahama Pundit thinks that “a little common sense will go a long way.”

Caribbean: Emancipation Day

  1 August 2007

Today is Emancipation Day. On August 1, one hundred and seventy three years ago, freedom from slavery was won in the Caribbean – and Caribbean bloggers still have a lot to say about it… Jamaican blogger Geoffrey Philp sets the tone by quoting one of the most beloved lines from...

Bahamas: Natural Wonders

  1 August 2007

In response to Bajegirl’s post about the Seven Wonders of the Caribbean, Nicolette Bethel throws some of the Bahamas’ natural wonders into the mix.