· July, 2007

Stories about Bahamas from July, 2007

Bahamas: While We're On The Subject…

  30 July 2007

The banning of laptop computers in the Bahamas’ House of Assembly, the felling of an old tree and the performance of a young athlete are just some of the topics Craig Butler blogs about at Bahama Pundit.

Bahamas: Dreams of Independence

  26 July 2007

“Thirty-four years after Independence…our houses and our wallets and our cars are bigger, but we have grown smaller than our fathers. Where they dared to dream the impossible, we appear to be unable to dream even the attainable.” Nicolette Bethel, guest authoring at Bahama Pundit, reflects on what it means...

Bahamas: Is Crime Learned or Innate?

  25 July 2007

“I'm convinced the Parliamentarians let their colleagues pass just in case they need the favour returned should they be tempted to put their hand in the proverbial cookie jar. Could that be the reason we let each other off with petty crimes as well?” Rick Lowe at WeblogBahamas.com wonders whether...

Bahamas: Crime Wave

  19 July 2007

“Experts say homicide is a reliable barometer of all violent crime, and we have had 46 murders so far this year – one of the highest per capita rates in the world.” Larry Smith at Bahama Pundit examines the roots of crime in the Bahamas.

Bahamas: Creativity and Education

  18 July 2007

“One question that keeps nagging at me is; why do we keep blaming dysfunctional families for the failure of education?” Rick Lowe at WeblogBahamas.com links to a lecture by Sir Ken Robinson to make a point about education in the Bahamas.

Bahamas: Tough Love

  17 July 2007

“Within the space of five days two young men had their lives stubbed out for nothing at all.” Craig Butler at Bahama Pundit has a few suggestions for stemming the tide of violence in Bahamas’ youth.

Bahamas: Literary Ethnicity?

  13 July 2007

“When I gave my reading…someone remarked that my poetry was not ‘street’. Well, I wondered, why should it be?” Nicolette Bethel examines the role ethnicity plays in literature.

Bahamas: Freedom of Information

  13 July 2007

“I find it difficult to write about this subject – it's such a no-brainer, and so crucial to the good governance of the country that it upsets me.” Larry Smith at Bahama Pundit blogs about the Freedom of Information Act.

Bahamas: Independence Day

  10 July 2007

As the Bahamas celebrates 34 years of Independence today, THE iPINIONS JOURNAL pays tribute by posting a painting by the internationally-acclaimed Italian artist, Benini, while WeblogBahamas.com posts audio of revered Bahamian musician Joseph Spence.

Bahamas: Triumph over Slavery

  6 July 2007

Rick Lowe of WeblogBahamas.com visits Nassau's Pompey Museum for a reading tour called Lest We Forget – The Triumph Over Slavery and shares his impressions of the visit. Posted with a link to the virtual exhibition.

Bahamas: Cultural Production

  5 July 2007

Nicolette Bethel, guest authoring at Bahama Pundit, says that culture is the one area in which the Caribbean can compete on a global level: “We've become accustomed to thinking of culture as a series of events, rather like pearls, which are strung out along the calendar. We don't see it...

Bahamas: Hurricanes and Global Warming

  5 July 2007

Larry Smith at Bahama Pundit refers to a book by science journalist Chris Mooney, which links hurricanes with the battle over global warming: “This has enormous implications – particularly for us in the Bahamas – because strong hurricanes cause dramatically more destruction than weak ones when they hit land.”

Bahamas, Trinidad & Tobago: The Business of Culture

  4 July 2007

“Caribbean governments need to be thinking about what they must do to foster innovation and creative talent while developing enabling policies designed to keep our creative industries attuned to domestic and global realities.” Bahamian Nicolette Bethel reprints an article by a Trinidadian media consultant to make the point that culture...

Barbados: Glaring Absence from CARICOM Summit

  3 July 2007

“Once a year, that slapped-together dysfunctional family known as ‘The CARICOMs’ puts on a show of pretended unity and love by holding a family fish fry and beach picnic.” Barbados Free Press thinks that the absence of four CARICOM leaders at the opening of the 28th Summit of the Caribbean...