· December, 2006

Stories about Bahamas from December, 2006

Bahamas: Police brutality

  29 December 2006

Lynn Sweeting calls for an immediate investigation into police brutality in the Bahamas: “I call on the police force to recognize the enormity of this crisis in their ranks, and to assume that most men and women applying to the college are the products of violent homes, and to make...

Bahamas: “Improving” Junkanoo

  25 December 2006

Nicolette Bethel advises her fellow Bahamians to heed the words of Trinidadian Carnival designer Peter Minshall when considering the “improvement” of Junkanoo, their own national festival.

Bahamas: Disclosure of Assets

  18 December 2006

Since the Bahamas’ Public Disclosure Act deems that Parliamentarians (along with other “persons in public life”) must report their income, assets and liabilities to the Public Disclosure Commission by December 31 each year, Rick Lowe is concerned that the latest published disclosures were almost six years ago.

Bahamas: Bicentenary of Abolition of Slave Trade

  18 December 2006

Why should the 2007 bicentenary of the abolition of the slave trade by Great Britain be commemorated? According to Nicolette Bethel, “the short answer is that it marks the beginning of a process of emancipation that involved all parties — the slaveowners as well as the slaves. The long answer...

Bahamas: Personal Responsibility

  15 December 2006

Rick Lowe, writing at WeblogBahamas.com, quotes several sources to prove his theory that people should stop waiting for governments to do something and instead, take personal responsibility.

Bahamas: Case Update

  11 December 2006

Nicolette Bethel refers to Lynn Sweeting's update about the case of the woman that the Bahamian police took into custody without allowing her to put on any clothes.

Bahamas: Funeral of Winston Saunders

  8 December 2006

Today is the memorial service for the late Winston Saunders, a Bahamian cultural icon. Nicolette Bethel wonders “How do you hold a memorial for a man who was so fully alive?” and writes poignantly about the loss.

Bahamas: Tribute to Bahamian intellectual

  2 December 2006

Nicolette Bethel republishes a tribute to the late Bahamian intellectual, Winston V. Saunders, by Rex Nettleford, Vice Chancellor Emeritus of the University of the West Indies and founder of the Jamaica National Dance Theatre.