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Stories about Caribbean from November, 2005

Aruba, Jamaica: Homosexuality and the Law

  30 November 2005

As Jamaica begins to discuss the possible repeal of laws which criminalize homosexuality, Lost in Smallness wonders if either Aruba or the Netherlands Antilles were consulted when introducing state-sanctioned gay marriage in their legal system.

Bahamas: Being Found

  28 November 2005

Lynn Sweeting describes what it's like to realize there really are people out there reading what she has to say.

Haiti on the Internet – a chat with Alice Eddie Backer

  26 November 2005

Haitian American blogger Alice Eddie Backer My conversation with Nicholas Laughlin about the Caribbean blogosphere has elicited some strong reactions from Caribbean bloggers. Haitian-American blogger Alice Eddie Backer, a lawyer based in New York, first came to my attention when she answered my appeal for more Haitian bloggers. Alice then...

The Caribbean Blogosphere: Football fever and more

  20 November 2005

If only in terms of sheer volume, the leading story in the Caribbean blogosphere this week was the Trinidad & Tobago football team's qualification for the 2006 World Cup on November 16. The team Trinidad & Tobago beat in order to qualify was Bahrain (hence the oft-repeated line that whichever...

Barbados: Sweat Shop Allegations

  12 November 2005

Ryan Patrick of West Indies Cricket Blog is following the story of Indian immigrant laborers suing World Cup Barbados over sweat shop allegations at the Kensington Oval Re-development Project.

A taste of the Caribbean blogosphere

  11 November 2005

Barbados Titlayo's view of noted Barbadian poet Edward Kamau Braithwaite “as some sort of iconic academic abstract figure” is altered by the poet's accounts of his fight to hold on to his house and land. Belize Manolo Romero reports that “celebrated Belizean writer” John Walter is doing well after undergoing...

Selections from the Caribbean blogosphere

  4 November 2005

Expat Wolfgang has his tongue firmly in his cheek when he says that his is not a Bahamian blog. The bloggers at Bahama Pundit had plenty to say this week, with Larry Smith reviewing a book on pre-Columbian languages and offering a useful overview of the Bahamian blogsphere, Sir Arthur Foulkes reminding Bahamanians not to be complacent about civil rights and Nicolette Bethel calling for a different approach to tourism. And Lynn Sweeting finds the absence of women's rights from the current discussions around national heros problematic. Barbados Two reactions to the October 26 march staged in Barbados by the group Lifeline Expedition, in which descendants of slave owners donned chains in an effort to apologize for slavery: Jdid calls the event "a travesty, a mockery, a despicable imitation which trivializes a serious part of our history" while Titilayo is relieved it's all over and happy that Barbados was continuing to forge alliances with African nations. Belize Andy Hunt reports on the progress of the Belize Jungle Dome project.. Bermuda The Limey wonders whether the creation of a National Drugs Control Ministry is a good idea, and suggests that hunting--of realtors!--would be a good addition to the island's tourism offerings. And an "Open Mike" post about the national cricket team's removal from field during the recent tour of Namibia sparks a stream of lively comments. Cayman Islands Odd Blog talks about "light pollution" in the Cayman Islands. Dominica Billy posts a short report on the 27th anniversary independence celebrations in Dominica. Grenada YingYang engages in some eye-rolling at the notion that the region's banana growers are surprised that the recent WTO ruling didn't go in their favour.

Saint Lucia: Focusing Domestically

  1 November 2005

Lordzenn emphasizes at length that recent controversy over a “secret meeting” of former Prime Minister Sir John Compton with authorities from Taiwan shouldn't take away attention from Saint Lucia's domestic crime problem.

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