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Stories about Caribbean from October, 2005

Aruba: Political Ponderings

  31 October 2005

Lost in Smallness shows that Aruba still doesn't have complete post-colonial autonomy as the Netherlands “has been making noise” about Minister of Justice, Rudy Croes. Rudy says he'll settle for Minister of Tourism if his brother gets to be Minister of Justice.

The Caribbean Blogosphere: Some observations

  28 October 2005

Anglophone Caribbean bloggers have been relatively quiet this week, so I took the opportunity to chat via IM with my fellow Trinidadian blogger Nicholas Laughlin about some of of the trends we've observed in the Caribbean blogosphere. What follows is an edited version of our conversation: GP: You've been blogging...

Trinidad and Tobago: Bombs and Media Transparency

  27 October 2005

Georgia Popplewell posts about yet another small bomb explosion in Port of Spain and includes a map of the five recent explosions to hit the capitol city. Jacqueline A. Morris wonders why local media did not bring up Trinidad and Tobago's high rating in Reporters Without Borders’ “Third Annual Worldwide...

Barbados: Reconciliation Walk Really About Reconciliation?

  27 October 2005

Commenting on today's “reconciliation walk to relive the horrors of slavery and the slave trade,” This, That & Whatever asks if this is not really “about what a bunch of (well-meaning, I'm sure) white folk can do to feel all righteous and good about themselves?” Commenters seem to think it...

Jamaica: Reinstate the Death Penalty?

  25 October 2005

Both Stunner's Afflictions and The Doctor is In discuss the possible reintroduction of the death penalty in Jamaica. Both posts generate healthy debate in the comments section.

This week in the Caribbean blogosphere

  21 October 2005

It was an active week in the Caribbean blogosphere, with most of the buzz coming out of Jamaica and Trinidad & Tobago: Jamaica In Jamaica, much of the discussion focused on the incessant rainfall, which caused serious flooding in several parts of the island this past week. “I drove through...

From the Caribbean Blogosphere

  14 October 2005

Some snippets from this week's conversations in the anglophone Caribbean blogosphere: Aruba Lost in Smallness is resigned to the inevitable rise in gas prices after the recent parliamentary election. Bahamas in search of 42 complains about defective traffic lights, and Bahamas Blog posts some photos of Tropical Storm Rita's effects...

Bahamas: “Lesser of Two Evils”

  10 October 2005

Bahamas Blog calls the upcoming elections a choice between “the current class of blatant criminals or the other party, a group of mild-mannered thieves.”

Aruba: Weathering

  10 October 2005

Lost In Smallness says gray clouds and thunderstorms have replaced blues skies and sunshine in Aruba.

Bermuda: Vibrating Sales

  5 October 2005

A Limey in Bermuda says the Bermuda Sun put a picture of a vibrator on its front page in order to get attention and boost sales. It seems to have worked.

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