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Stories about Caribbean from August, 2005

Jamaica: Thoughts on Katrina

  31 August 2005

Fyr, writing from Jamaica, is heartbroken over Katrina's destruction of New Orleans, which he says has always held a special place in his heart.

Barbados: Trip to Rock Hall

  31 August 2005

This, that, & Whatever describes a visit to the historic Freedom Monument of Rock Hall, which was the first free village in Barbados founded by a group of ex-slaves from a nearby plantation.

Guyana: Guayana Night 2005

  29 August 2005

Taran gives his summary of Guyana Night 2005 in Georgetown which celebrates all things Guyanese. Complete with photos.

Aruba: Election Madness

  16 August 2005

Lost in Smallness says that in Aruba, “by law, every voter must get four continous hours free from work.

Trinidad & Tobago: Bombing Suspect in Custody

  12 August 2005

Taran Rampersad posts an update about this week's bombing in Trinidad. "It seems that a suspect has been held in the explosion on George St. here in Trinidad, but with so many copycats in Trinidad and Tobago, it's difficult to say that this is also a suspect for the initial bombing," he writes.

Suriname: Art and Design Trip

  11 August 2005

A little late on this one, but the University of Michigan School of Art and Design has a wonderful collection of 11 posts documenting the month-long stay by faculty and grad students in Suriname.

Trinidad & Tobago: Another Bombing, Evidence All Washed Up

  11 August 2005

Taran Rampersad reports on the second bombing this summer in Trinidad & Tobago, neither of which has generally received much attention in the international press.

Speculation so far has been that nobody was injured because of the amount of rain, and the fact that it's basically an area that vagrants are supposedly found in.... Evidence is expected to be washed away with the rain (that area frequently floods), and nobody was injured. Yet, at the end of the day - who would do such a thing? And while some idiots who will try to twist the news to support their purposes (saying that it's Al Qaeda), nobody seems to have claimed responsibility again.

Flickr Pick from Grenada

  1 August 2005

“May Day Procession (St. George's, Grenada)” by Caribeean Free Photo Found this one among some old family photos and I’m assuming it’s Grenada because the inscription on the back said “May Day procession on Halifax Street”. No idea what year it was taken, though I’d think the late 1940s would...

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