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Inside the Japanese Blogosphere

  19 August 2005

Japanese bloggers were able to offer almost realtime accounts of the recent earthquake in northern Japan. Says one Japanese blogger: The fridge door swung open, the goldfish bowl fell off the shelf, and it was just a terrible situation inside the house…There have been a lot of earthquakes here in...

Video Blogs & Cambodia

  18 August 2005

Eath Chhnon (otherwise known as “Village Girl“) is a Cambodian “video blogger” or vlogger. She grew up in a small village in Cambodia near Angkor Wat, one of country’s cultural treasures. Two years ago, at age 20, she came to New York City. Eath is video blogging her life story....

Blog-city Blocked in China?

  17 August 2005

From yesterday afternoon, blog-city, a famous BSP is beginning to be blocked in China. Now it was still under filter by GFW, the project to detect key words and block websites . By using proxy blog-city is still accessible in mainland China. Anti, a prominent blogger who was also a...

Spotlight Bolivia

  17 August 2005

Alexey writes, “these days I have been pleasantly surprised at the coverage that some blogs made about the bolivian political situation” and it's certainly hard to disagree with him. With Bolivian special elections scheduled for early December, the English speaking Bolivian blogosphere has been incredibly active and eloquent in presenting...

Sharm Relief

Following the devastating terrorist attacks in the Egyptian tourist hub of Sharm Elshiekh, Pray4Peace.org set up a fundraiser called Sharm Relief at SharmReleif.com.

Blog Maps

  16 August 2005

eGrupos, an online social networking site based in Sunnyvale, California has developed El BlogoMapa Hispano, an online directory of weblogs in Spanish, which shows the bloggers’ locations using the Google Maps API. If you have a weblog written in Spanish and it is not included on the map, you may...

Gaza disengagement first reaction

A day since the disengagement from Gaza started, this is some of what is going on the Israeli/Palestinian Blogsphere: On the Israeli side: Smooth Stone writes a A message to the world and says: Well, sadly, the evil deed is done. The Jewish men, women and children of Gush Katif...

A track less travelled for bloggers?

  15 August 2005

Perhaps, bloggers should outreach to the communities of practice to give blogs a relevant context in a knowledge-based economy. There are critical thinkers who should be networked together to influence change in society and economy.

News from Chinese Blogosphere(Aug7th-13th)

  13 August 2005

1. The Yahoo-Alibaba Deal: The largest merger in Chinese Internet took place on August 11. Alibaba.com, a leading Chinese e-commerce company, which featured online auction and trade, acquired Yahoo China. According to the official announcement, Alibaba would have all assets of Yahoo China, including email and searching services. It also...

Global Links, Global Influence – a Global Voices update

  12 August 2005

“This is why I read Global Voices Online. It’s the best place to find local stories from around the world blogged by people actually experiencing it.” – Mike Cohen, /dev/random, from a post titled “We Won't Hear About This in the Mainstream Media” I spent yesterday taking a close look...

Launch of the Mobcasting Developers Forum

  12 August 2005

Because of the positive feedback I've received around the creation of a low-cost, open source strategy for recording and receiving podcasts over mobile phones, I've set up a new email list and Web community for people interested in making this happen. There are already free tools like audioblogger and audlink that will let you post podcasts from your phone, but both require a long-distance phone call to the US, and neither let you listen to podcasts from your phone. I want to develop a tool that can be installed anywhere in the world, so all of this can be done on a local phone call. To learn more about mobcasting, please visit this blog entry I wrote last January, entitled When Mobile Podcasting Leads to Mobcasting to see where this all got started. The email list will be focused solely on this project; people who join the list should be interested in mobile phone podcasting and be willing to help us make this project happen. To join the list, please send an email to mobcasting-subscribe [[at]] yahoogroups . com, with the spaces and brackets removed. Or, you can visit the Mobcasting list homepage. Meanwhile, I've also created a DDN community that we can use as a workspace. The workspace has bulletin boards, document sharing and blog posting. Group members are welcome to post web resources, blog entries or files to this public page. We can also add news, events and feature stories to the site if they become useful at some point. Looking forward to making this happen! -andy

Images from Brazil: Guiding Hand

  11 August 2005

Gregory Smith, founder of the Children at Risk Foundation, has recently posted this photo, “Fly, Hummingbird Fly” to help document the latest outreach project of the organization. You can learn more about the program by reading the Children At Risk weblog, checking out Gregory's Flickr profile, and reading his profile...

Trinidad & Tobago: Another Bombing, Evidence All Washed Up

  11 August 2005

Taran Rampersad reports on the second bombing this summer in Trinidad & Tobago, neither of which has generally received much attention in the international press.

Speculation so far has been that nobody was injured because of the amount of rain, and the fact that it's basically an area that vagrants are supposedly found in.... Evidence is expected to be washed away with the rain (that area frequently floods), and nobody was injured. Yet, at the end of the day - who would do such a thing? And while some idiots who will try to twist the news to support their purposes (saying that it's Al Qaeda), nobody seems to have claimed responsibility again.