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Saudi Arabia: Extreme sports

  6 September 2008

American Bedu asks why the Saudi government doesn't control extreme sports, and shows two videos of racing as an example: “The Japanese version is done on proper tracks design to minimize injuries, the spectators are out of harm’s way, cars with cages to protect the driver, and most importantly the...

Cyprus: A New Water Solution

  6 September 2008

The Cyprus Blog posts a video of a humorous, yet innovative, way of solving the water shortage problem in Cyprus. Of course it does involve stealing the water from your neighbors’ water surplus tank and putting it into your own tank, but as long as no one has a video...

Palestine: The siege of Gaza was broken – and then?

  5 September 2008

On August 23, two boats carrying international activists broke the siege of Gaza by landing in Gaza's harbour. The boats have since left again, leaving some of the activists behind, and taking some Palestinians with them back to Cyprus. However the activists plan to return to Gaza on September 22 - amongst other things, delivering mail to the Palestinians. In this post, we look at some Gazan reactions to the breaking of the siege, as well as accounts by the activists.

Jordan: Queen Rania's Video Blogging

  3 September 2008

Queen Rania of Jordan has been named the most famous Arab video blogger on YouTube by Blogger Times, a blogging magazine run by Arab bloggers, following the success of a series of YouTube videos she launched to shake off stereotypes against Arabs.

Mexico Marches against Violence

  2 September 2008

Mexicans, fed up with the increasing violence and insecurity their country has been facing this past year, as it was mentioned on this past Global Voices article, decided to have a silent march and candle-lit anthem singing throughout the country and in some other locations like Costa Rica, USA, Spain, Israel, Poland and England during Sunday August 31st, 2008. The website Lets Illuminate Mexico has details about who supported the march, their reasons and it will soon have video and photos.

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