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Suso, Gratitude, and Human Dignity

  21 December 2007

Originally published on Rising Voices. Every neighborhood has it's own local set of celebrities who become either famous or infamous for their talents, idiosyncrasies, and personal histories. They are the living and breathing incarnations of the archetypical characters who make up the novels and movies we so love. Think of...

Taiwan: Migrant Worker Rally-“I want my day off!!”

  15 December 2007

On International Human Rights Day, the dogfighting politics of the two major parties still occupied the front pages in Taiwan's mass media. The politicians consume the terms “democracy” and “freedom” for their own political odds while neglect basic rights of underprivileged communities. GVO Taiwan team would cover some important human...

China: Please, Give Me a Job

  13 December 2007

Although there are almost half a year before graduation, the seniors in the universities of China have already thrown themselves into the cutthroat job-hunting war. Those ready-to-be graduates are busy running about the various job fairs, which can often attract tens of thousands of senior students flocking to seek their ideal work.

Malaysia: Memorandum Against the Election Commission Chief

  13 December 2007

Malaysian opposition groups are protesting the extension of retirement age of the current election commission chief as they suspect his neutrality. Earlier this week, authorities tried to block a memorandum by opposition activists to Malaysian parliament opposing the extension. Malaysian bloggers and YouTube users post some videos and discuss the memorandum and the action taken by the authorities against the activists.

Serbia: Dusan Saponja & Dusan Cavic

  11 December 2007

Belgrade 2.0 posts a wonderful selection of the wonderful video stories by Dusan Saponja and Dusan Cavic: “For short episodes such as these you just saw, it’s not really necessary to understand Serbian. However, most of the real masterpieces, award-winning shows, are subtitled. You see, besides humorous short clips, Dushan...

Russia: Prison Torture Video

  11 December 2007

Robert Amsterdam posts “a secret video made in 2006 by a prison guard of a ‘Preventative Actions’ exercise by the OMON (special police squad) performed at a prison camp in Yekaterinburg”: “The appalling instances of beatings, torture, inhumane treatment and excessive and arbitrary violence shown in this recording inarguably represent...

Happy Human Rights Day

  10 December 2007

Activists around the world are finding new, innovative ways to use technology to tell their stories, and fight back against censorship and oppression. Yesterday, six Global Voices bloggers on different continents participated in a conference call with Desmond Tutu, Mary Robinson, and Graça Machel.

Japan: NOVA Video Story

  10 December 2007

A youtube video story on the jobless life of foreign teacher after the close down of NOVA – via ying yang report.

China: A blow to citizen bloggers

  7 December 2007

Below is Zola's recount of what he's been through over the past few days and his abrupt conclusion. In a second blog post since his forced return earlier this week he talks of redirecting the space to focus more on blogger education, but also mentions some unfinished business related to...

Interview with Cristina Quisbert of Voces Bolivianas

  7 December 2007

Voces Bolivianas, a citizen media outreach project supported by Rising Voices, has trained 23 participants how to blog, post digital photos, and even shoot video. One of the most consistent and clearest voices to emerge from the group has been Cristina Quisbert of Bolivia Indígena. In this interview she describes what motivates her to share stories of her life and community online and how the content of her blog has evolved over the first few months.

Colombia: Released Videos Shows Silence From Hostages

  5 December 2007

Videos that show "proof of life" were discovered last week when 3 emissaries of the FARC terrorist group were captured. The videos contain poignant images of several of the hostages that the FARC has in their captivity. Colombian bloggers respond to the sad videos and lament their use to push political agendas and complain that the videos were not distributed earlier.

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