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Clark Boyd interviews Sokari Ekine

  30 June 2005

Our friend Clark Boyd – podcaster and reporter for BBC/WGBH's The World – has a great audio profile of our friend Sokari Ekine, creator of the excellent Black Looks blog. Travelling in rural Spain, Clark gets to visit Sokari at home at her farm in Velez-Blanco and chat with her...

Skypecast: Freedom Blog winner Markus Beckedahl of Netzpolitik

  29 June 2005

Today's Global Voices Skypecast is with German blogger and activist Markus Beckedahl, author of Netzpolitik: a German-language blog about open source technologies, Internet-users’ rights and free expression in cyberspace. He is one of seven winners of this year's Freedom Blog Award, sponsored by Reporters Without Borders. Markus is chairman and...

Lebanon Skypecast #2: Blogger “Lebanon.Profile”

After hanging up the Skypeout call with Gustave of the Lebanese Political Journal, I called the Beirut cellphone of his co-blogger who goes by the blog-name “Lebanon.Profile.” LP prefers not to have his name revealed. As he explains in our conversation, if he identifies himself he won't be able to...

Lebanon Skypecast #1: Blogger Gustave Cordahi

In the wake of an election victory for Lebanon's anti-Syrian alliance and the asassination of another anti-Syrian politician, I spoke to two Beirut-based bloggers who author the popular blog, Lebanese Political Journal. My first interview was with blogger and journalist Gustave Cordahi, who blogs under the name “Cedar Guardian.” (Technical...

Talking to Mr. Behi in Iran

On the eve of Iran's Presidential elections, I tracked down Mr. Behi in Teheran. (For consolidated blog coverage of the elections from within Iran – including election coverage from Hoder – as well as analysis from without, Iran Scan is a must-read.) Adventures with Mr. Behi is written by an...

Skypecast: Freedom Blog Winner Jeff Ooi

  16 June 2005

Over the coming weeks we are hoping to feature Skype interviews or online text chats (depending on what's posible) with the winners of the RSF Freedom Blog Awards. (We may need help from other bloggers talking to the recipients who don't speak English. If you'd like to help, please let...

Interview with Alaa Adb El Fateh in Cairo

Alaa Abd El Fateh is an Egyptian blogger, open source advocate and democracy activist. Along with his wife, Manal, he maintains “Manal and Alaa's Bit Bucket”, a site hosts their blogs and the blogs of several Egyptian free speech and pro-democracy organizations. They also maintain an Egyptian blog aggregator. Alaa...

Skypecast: Isaac Mao on China's crackdown

  10 June 2005

I spoke to Isaac Mao in Shanghai via Skype to get some clarification and detail about how the latest regulations requiring bloggers to register in China are actually being implemented – and interpreted. The conversation was exremely interesting. As usual, the situation on the ground is complicated and full of...

Isaac Mao on China's blog crackdown

  10 June 2005

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Calling all Bloggers: Get Skyped!!

  8 June 2005

Get your actual voice heard by a global audience. Introduce your blog and tell the world what it's like to be a blogger in your country. If you don't already have Skype, please get it. If you're interested in being interviewed for a Global Voices Skypecast, please let us know...

Skypecast: Singapore's mr. brown

  7 June 2005

I had a giggle-filled conversation today with Singapore's “enfant terrible,” Lee Kin Mun, aka mr. brown. Topics included: How he instigated the Great Singaporean Conspiracy, the upcoming bloggers’ conference, “Singlish,” (English is one of Singapore's 4 official languages along with Mandarin Chinese, Tamil and Malay, but the locals like to...

Skypecast #2 with Sokari Ekine

  3 June 2005

Sokari Ekine – aka “Owukori” – is one of the best known and most widely-read bloggers focused on Africa. Writing from her home in Andalucia, Spain, her two blogs – Black Looks and Afrotecnik – cover stories from all over the continent, with a special focus on women's issues and...

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