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Puerto Rico: Bloggers discuss Roe v. Wade

  31 January 2010

The 37th anniversary of the landmark United States Supreme Court decision Roe v. Wade (January 22, 1973) spurred bloggers in Puerto Rico to express their opinions about a ruling that still sparks controversy. The decision made abortion legal in the United States, and it was extended to Puerto Rico due to the Island's political relationship with the US.

Haiti: Damage in Surrounding Areas

  27 January 2010

how can they hear takes a trip to Leogane and posts photos of the damage, saying: “The truth is that people need to see that Leogane and the surrounding areas need help. We still have families buried underneath the rubble here”, while Ellen in Haiti crunches some numbers: “It says...

Haiti: Remembering Jacmel

  16 January 2010

“I couldn’t help remembering how Jacmel looked like at 4:50pm on a regular day. Normally, you have people sitting in their homes, walking in and out, working in their businesses, and so on”: how can they hear posts an update and photos from one of the hardest hit areas in...

Haiti: Pictures & Stories

  16 January 2010

Heartbreaking stories from The Livesay [Haiti] Weblog here, and photos of some of the damage from Real Hope For Haiti, here and here.

In aftermath of earthquake, eyewitness tweets from Haiti

  13 January 2010

As a result of the catastrophic 7.0 earthquake that hit the island this evening (January 12), "Haiti" is currently a trending topic on Twitter. Among the mass of retweets of mainstream media reports and tweets sending prayers and good wishes to the Caribbean island, have been eyewitness reports from musician and hotelier Richard Morse, who tweets as @RAMHaiti.

Trinidad & Tobago: Cobo ‘Mas

  11 January 2010

Pleasure focuses on the “strange developments” in Trinidadian artist Ashraph's studio, in preparation for this year's Carnival celebrations.

Caucasus: Unity in Diversity

  6 January 2010

With three unresolved conflicts and a local media that often self-censors, blogs comment on an online project hoping to break stereotypes by reporting on examples of ethnic groups otherwise in conflict in the South Caucasus co-existing peacefully together.

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