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Taiwan: No City for Old Aborigines

  27 February 2008

The first Presidential debate powered by citizen media platform Peopo was held on Feb 24. Two candidates running for President answers 20 questions raised by citizens who use Youtube-like video clips to express their wishes and problems.

Saudi Arabia: No Coffee for Women

  18 February 2008

From Saudi Arabia, Lalla Mona posts two pictures of signs: one from 1931 America which says “Public Swimming Pool: Whites Only” and the second from modern day Saudi Arabia which says “Following the directives of The Commission for Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice, offering coffee to women in...

Bahrain: Ouch!

  15 February 2008

Bahraini blogger Mahmood Al Yousif writes about a bizarre medical case here. You will have carefully examine the X-rays to believe your eyes. ***WARNING: Not for the faint of heart.

Trinidad & Tobago: Saving “Gingerbread House”

  15 February 2008

“There are so many things to be anxious or angry about in this country these days–crime, corruption, smelters, steel mills, dolphin-slaughter, traffic–that the fate of an old house may seem trivial,” writes Trinidadian blogger Nicholas Laughlin. “But,” he explains, “12 Queen's Park West, the Boissiere House, is not just an...

Trinidad & Tobago: Canboulay

  15 February 2008

Caribbean Beat Blog gives an account of Canboulay – “one of the foundational elements of Trinidad's modern carnival” – and is amazed to discover that “over 100 years later, with a culture that is ever-changing, it is indeed true that the more things change the more they remain the same.”

Iran:No beautiful faces please

  14 February 2008

Kamangir writes when Iranian Fars News wanted to publish pictures from a meeting in a film festival in Tehran, they had no othere choice than to focus on the name-tags and blur out the ladies.You can see several photos here.We should say that Fars News in another photo collection did...

Bahrain: For sale?

  13 February 2008

In this post we look at some of things that Bahraini bloggers have been saying during the last month. We start with a complaint about the privatisation of utilities in Bahrain, followed by an opinion about changes at the Ministry of Information, and another about the role bloggers can play...

Dubai: Act of Kindness

  10 February 2008

Seabee from Dubai writes about an act of kindness he has come across – “At Umm Suqeim beach an injured or sick gull had been carefully placed in the shade, some corn placed beside it and a plastic bag of water above it.”

Morocco: The Whole “Kitten” Caboodle

  6 February 2008

Cats are abundant in Morocco. Overabundant, even. One of my favorite things about living there was photographing the street cats - of which there would often be groups of up to 20. Judging by the spate of posts from the Moroccan blogoma (and even some recent travelers to Morocco) about cats, I'm not the only one who loves felines - and lately, even professional artists and photographers have found them to be a popular subject, reports Jillian York.

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