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Morocco: Di Caprio in the Medina

  28 November 2007

Leonardo Di Caprio is taking a break from shooting Ridley Scott's upcoming movie “Body of Lies” to kick a soccer ball around on a Rabat's beach and stroll through the old medina (city), writes Moroccan blogger Adilski, who posts pictures too.

Brazil: Black Pride and the racism debate

  18 November 2007

From 1550 to 1888 at least 3 million Africans were brutally shipped to Brazil by the slave trade, making nearly half of all the slaves brought to South America. Most of them came from Angola and Mozambique, then Portuguese colonies in Africa, and were subjected to forced labor in the...

Jamaica: Push Carts

  13 November 2007

Montego Bay Day By Day features a photograph of one of the Jamaican town's push cart vendors.

Brazil: Morality, homophobia, ethics or hipocrisy?

  11 November 2007

After a popular tour throughout the country, everything was ready for the opening of the photo exhibition Heróis (Heroes) by Luiz Garrido, in Brasília, capital of Brazil. This time, the 24 black and white pictures of famous Brazilians were to be shown at the Chamber of Deputies, as part of...

Palestine: Trees Destroyed

  9 November 2007

Aquacool, from Tunisia, posts a picture from Palestine, showing destruction of huge amounts of trees on the road from Jerusalem to Bethlehem.

Jamaica: Where De Lizard?

  9 November 2007

What's “thick and long and fat…and just big enough to keep a few thousand Jamaicans from ever moving home permanently”? Francis Wade spills the beans.

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