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Trinidad & Tobago, Jamaica: Blue Mountain Hike

  28 July 2007

“Yes, this is my water bottle atop the trig marker on Blue Mountain Peak–for a few minutes last Sunday, it was the highest water bottle in Jamaica.” Nicholas Laughlin posts some photos of his hiking expedition.

China: Blogging summer floods

  26 July 2007

As floods continue to rise up across China this summer, leaving hundreds dead and millions fleeing from their homes, citizen reporter bloggers in China have been keeping a close eye on the developments.

Trinidad & Tobago, Barbados: Harry Potter Launch

  23 July 2007

“It’s only after he puts on the pair of round fake-Italian sunglasses with the slightly reflective lenses that I realise that the figure in the purple cape I’d seen earlier lurking sheepishly near the self-help section is meant to be Harry.” Caribbean Free Radio posts an entertaining piece on the...

Trinidad & Tobago: Saturday Cookup

  16 July 2007

“A typical Saturday doesn’t usually involve having lunch with a celebrity, roasting amazing Herdwick lamb and stabbing myself with an oyster knife. But yesterday was different.” Can Cook, Must Cook has an eventful weekend.

Haiti: March for Aristide

  16 July 2007

“Thousands marched in the streets of Port-au-Prince…calling for the return of exiled former President Jean-Bertrand Aristide.” Free Haiti was there.

World Ponders the 7 New Wonders

  16 July 2007

On July 7, 2007, the world elected a list of “New 7 Wonders”. Chosen by global vote via internet, telephone and SMS, many argue that the election was unfair and favored the broadband-connected West (how else would you explain the Statue of Liberty being one of the 21 finalists?). The...

Anguilla: Hotel Turns Into Slum

  2 July 2007

Corruption-free Anguilla finds out that a derelict hotel has become living quarters for Mexicans imported into the island to run a dolphin facility: “Chalk up another victory for crass profits over humanity.”

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